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Anu Hälvä

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Anu Kristiina Hälvä-Sallinen (born 30 June 1964 in Hyvinkää, Finland) is a Finnish actress and singer. She is best known of her roles in several Finnish television dramas in the 1990s.

Hälvä is married to the director Petteri Sallinen. They have two children.

Selected filmography[edit]

Pekka Puupää poliisina (Pekka Puupää as a police) (1986)Uuno Turhapuron poika (The son of Uuno Turhapuro) (1993)Uuno Turhapuron veli (The brother of Uuno Turhapuro) (1994)
Metsolat (1993–1995)Blondi tuli taloon (1994–1995)Ihmeidentekijät (1996–1998)Parhaat vuodet (2000–2002)