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Asking Alexandria

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  • Formed: North Yorkshire, England
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://www.askingalexandriaofficial.com/
  • Recent Activity: 06.15.16 RT @cameronliddell: Oh my god I'm 27! 😩 hahaha! Thanks so much everyone for all the birthday messages 💙💙 you guys are the best!
  • Asking Alexandria

  • Asking Alexandria


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All Music Guide:

Spanning two continents, three names, and nearly a dozen members, Asking Alexandria are a band whose short career seems to be more about change than anything else. The brainchild of guitarist Ben Bruce, the band was originally formed in Dubai in 2003 under the name Amongst Us, which soon changed to End of Reason before eventually settling on Asking Alexandria in 2006. They cemented the name change with their self-released EP, Tomorrow.Hope.Goodbye. The following year they released their first full-length album, The Irony of Your Perfection, through Hangmans Joke. Shortly afterwards, Bruce left Dubai and returned to England, resulting in the dissolution of the band. In 2008, Bruce formed a new band around the name Asking Alexandria. Unlike its vaguely post-hardcore predecessor, this incarnation of the band was a pretty standard screamo/metalcore act, with chugging guitars and alternating singing/screaming vocals. Finally settling on the lineup of Danny Worsnop (vocals), Camron Liddell (guitar), James Cassells (drums), and Sam Bettley (bass), the band set to work on a touring blitz of the United States with bands like Alesana, the Bled, and Evergreen Terrace. In 2009 they signed with Sumerian Records and released their first album with the new lineup, Stand Up and Scream, in the fall of that year. The band would find mainstream success in 2011 with the release of their sophomore album, Reckless & Relentless, which peaked at number nine on the Billboard charts. They returned in 2013 with a more mature hard rock sound, smoothing off some of the metalcore and electronica influences, resulting in their more focused third album, From Death to Destiny.

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Date Venue Location Tickets
03.03.17 Santana 27 Bilbao, Basque Country Spain
03.07.17 Sala Razzmatazz Barcelona, Catalonia Spain
03.09.17 Alcatraz Milan, CA Italy
03.23.17 Rockefeller Music Hall Oslo, 03 Norway
03.28.17 Proxima Warsaw, MZ Poland
04.08.17 O2 Academy Brixton London, London UK
04.09.17 Rock City Nottingham, Ntt UK
04.10.17 O2 Academy Leeds Leeds, Yorkshire UK
05.31.20 Manchester Academy 3 Manchester, Msy UK
06.01.20 Underworld London, Hmf UK


  • 06.15.16 RT @cameronliddell: Oh my god I'm 27! 😩 hahaha! Thanks so much everyone for all the birthday messages 💙💙 you guys are the best!
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