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Autre Ne Veut

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French for "I think of none other," New York's enigmatic Arthur Ashin, also known as Autre Ne Veut, makes music that falls somewhere between '80s R&B hooks and melodies and the blurry sounds of Ariel Pink. His self-titled debut album arrived in August 2010 on Olde English Spelling Bee and Upstairs, the label owned by Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin. Autre Ne Veut supported Hooray for Earth during their residency at Piano's that fall, and played some shows with Zambri and Mirror Mirror in early 2011. That year, Ashin also released the Body EP via Hippos in Tanks and appeared on Ford & Lopatin's Channel Pressure. Autre Ne Veut returned in early 2013 with Anxiety, an album equally inspired by that condition and by the music of Dr. Luke, David Byrne, and Katy Perry.


Arthur Ashin (born in 1982) is the American singer behind Autre Ne Veut.

The name Autre Ne Veut is taken from an inscription in French on a 15th-century British dress ornament that is stored at The Cloisters and is translated to English as "I want no other."

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He graduated from Hampshire College, where he lived with Daniel Lopatin (later of Oneohtrix Point Never).

His debut album and the subsequent "Body EP" were recorded at home.

His second album, Anxiety, released in 2013, was self-produced as well, but this time it was recorded in a studio with contributions from Ford & Lopatin. Anxiety was met with critical acclaim, including Best New Music from Pitchfork. Gorilla vs. Bear named Anxiety as "Album of Year (so far)" in June of 2013.

In July of 2013, Arthur released a single titled "On & On" as part of the Adult Swim Summer Singles series.

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