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Azealia Banks

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  • Azealia Banks


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Who is…Lizzo

By Ian Gittins, Contributor

Lizzo is an irrepressible, attitudinal rapper and singer who has worked her way through more musical projects by her mid 20s than most musicians manage in their entire careers. She was born in Detroit but grew up in Houston, Texas, where a teenage-hormonal fixation on emerging local colossi Destiny's Child led her to form short-lived R&B girl groups, among them I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S. and Cornrow Clique. Ever the genre-surfer, she sang with progressive rock band Elypseas before… more »


2012 in Review: Reinventing the Pop Narcotic

By Lindsay Zoladz, Contributor

"I don't want to sound cocky," 20 year-old British goth-pop upstart Charli XCX said in an eMusic interview earlier this year, "but I think girls like Grimes and Skylar [Grey] and Azealia Banks are pretty fucking rad, and I'm on their level." It does sound cocky of course — and thank goodness. Some of the most adventurous and infectious pop you were likely to hear in 2012 traversed not over airwaves but internet connections, thanks… more »


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