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  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Group Members: Parts & Labor/Ty Braxton
  • Recent Activity: 07.25.14 RT @zebpedersen: Major breakthrough – I finally *get* @BATTLES!
  • Battles

  • Battles


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Group Members: Parts & Labor/Ty Braxton


This article is about the US rock band. For the UK rock band, see Battle (band). For the Korean band, see Battle (South Korean band). For other uses, see Battles (disambiguation).

Battles is an American experimental rock group, founded in 2002 in New York City by Ian Williams (formerly of Don Caballero and Storm & Stress). The current line-up is guitarist/ keyboardist Ian Williams, guitarist/ bassist Dave Konopka (formerly of Lynx), and drummer John Stanier (formerly of Helmet).


Dave Konopka – bass, guitar, effectsIan Williams – guitar, keyboardsJohn Stanier – drums
Former members[edit]
Tyondai Braxton – guitar, keyboards, vocals (2002–2010)


  • 07.25.14 RT @zebpedersen: Major breakthrough – I finally *get* @BATTLES!
  • 07.25.14 RT @_palindrom: Sometimes when I say "bottles" I mean @BATTLES
  • 07.13.14 RT @bozojazz: @it_will I want a new Battles record more than I want a girlfriend
  • 07.11.14 RT @it_will: Message from me about a music friend with cancer & an online fundraiser https://t.co/W0kaoApA9l
  • 06.21.14 RT @it_will: I’ve been there young man http://t.co/e7EKm3Ybo9
  • 06.13.14 We’ll see you in Krakow http://t.co/pHCHmgUja8
  • 06.06.14 If you’re bored until we go on tour again, watch this and ponder whether life has gotten better or worse http://t.co/POwt9RxlZ0
  • 04.25.14 Yes, the windows are dusty, but let this serve as evidence of a new record being made. http://t.co/lEWBmLKzNW
  • 04.08.14 This is one mall that rocks RT @JohnnyLaundry: New QOSA video has the exact same escalator and mall as the My Machines video.
  • 03.27.14 RT @rodstanley: I'm getting really into just walking around New York listening to podcasts. Today, @it_will on No Effects (@tanlines) http:…
  • 03.26.14 This...is a funny picture, i guess RT @CChuchesta: Selttab - hey mister, did you get that food in end? @it_will http://t.co/O8TBUI1YxH
  • 03.19.14 Role model RT @curbjobjason: I got drunk, blacked out and ordered the entire @BATTLES back catalog so I'm pretty much winning at life