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Beach Fossils

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  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Recent Activity: 08.23.16 RT @thefader: .@actualwarehouse debut’s “Simultaneous Contrasts” plus a video directed by @frankiecosmos. https://t.co/ZHDNLTKm4m https://…
  • Beach Fossils

  • Beach Fossils

  • Beach Fossils

  • Beach Fossils

  • Beach Fossils


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Beach Fossils, a band whose reverb-slicked indie pop compares favorably to acts like Surfer Blood, Best Coast, and the Drums, formed in 2009 as a vehicle for the solo recordings of Dustin Payseur. Bassist John Pena and guitarist Christopher Burke were brought into Beach Fossils' lineup later that year, after Payseur had single-handedly put together the recordings that would comprise the group's first album. Beach Fossils' debut 7" single, Daydream/Desert Sand, was released on Captured Tracks in February 2010; their self-titled album was released on the same label later that year. Pena and Payseur worked together on the group's next release, 2011's What a Pleasure EP, before Pena left to focus on his own group Heavenly Beat. The next Beach Fossils album featured drummer Tommy Gardner and production from the Men's Ben Greenberg. Clash the Truth was issued in early 2013 on Captured Tracks.

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Date Venue Location Tickets
10.08.16 Rickshaw Theatre Vancouver, BC Canada
10.09.16 Chop Suey Seattle, WA US
10.12.16 Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, CA US
10.13.16 The Observatory Santa Ana, CA US

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  • 08.23.16 RT @thefader: .@actualwarehouse debut’s “Simultaneous Contrasts” plus a video directed by @frankiecosmos. https://t.co/ZHDNLTKm4m https://…
  • 08.21.16 Contrary to pop. belief, I don't like the beach/sun much. But lying on the beach rn listening to Scott 3 is heavenly https://t.co/rI7ZktINLJ
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  • 08.14.16 I Shazamed a song from a Sex & the City episode.
  • 08.08.16 Judy Funnie was my first crush https://t.co/wmMCtNdvEN
  • 08.05.16 Judging by this dude on the sidewalk, apparently there is a tough way to walk down the street carrying a rose, if u swing it a lot and stomp
  • 08.04.16 It should be a requirement that as soon as you're born they play you Marquee Moon on headphones
  • 08.04.16 All I wanna do is be alone until I'm alone and then I wanna go out
  • 07.29.16 If I had a dollar for every seltzer water I drank, I wouldn't have spent all my money on seltzer water
  • 07.29.16 RT @RollingStoneMX: DIIV, Beach Fossils, Hawaiian Gremlins y más bandas en Verano PLOP Radio: https://t.co/PL3p4Sc7XJ https://t.co/KTLL83l1…
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