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  • 10.19.16 RT @MoonGangs: My pal @HollyGroomYeah is in Calais buying shoes today, please donate a tiny bit if you can, it's really cold: https://t.co/…
  • 10.17.16 RT @The405: Black Mirror week on The 405 https://t.co/uNCvseszWJ https://t.co/0CwganZat4
  • 10.17.16 RT @angrysmallband: https://t.co/EsgCyyq0LW sneak peek at auditions for new #asb drummer. This guy(?) killing it
  • 10.14.16 We play St Gallen, Switzerland on the 20th November.... https://t.co/aWmrgrMIG3
  • 10.14.16 RT @ElisahVandaele: @SonicCityFest poster is here! @NixieSavage @Savagesband @faymilton @jehnbeth https://t.co/uQT8kvQbZ2
  • 10.14.16 RT @clinicvoot: Trans Century Update. Leipzig @BeakBristol @clinicvoot https://t.co/YpbrxDsWW4
  • 10.13.16 RT @invadauk: Been out of print for a few years. This awkward bastard is gonna be back on vinyl in November @BeakBristol @jetfury https://t…
  • 10.13.16 Billy and Geoff have done some tunes with Alexia Gredy - will post them when they come out https://t.co/xRretfYgwg
  • 10.11.16 The mild yeasts
  • 10.11.16 We play @LEGUESSWHO on 11th November...get yer tickets! https://t.co/iUUkm9zKyQ https://t.co/tWS8yUm2Dc
  • 10.10.16 RT @invadauk: Please RT - our good friends Optimum Mastering have a room TO LET in their building. #Bristol @bristol247 @Optimast https://…
  • 10.09.16 RT @Unexplained: "I Feel Fantastic" is a mysterious YouTube video that was posted in 2009. Its origins and meaning remain uncertain. https:…