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The term bongo may refer to:


Bongo (Australian TV series), on air from August to November 1960Bongo Comics Group, a comic book publishing companyBongo (Dragon Ball) or Krillin, a character in Dragon Ball mediaBongo (Indian TV series), an Indian television drama for children 2004Bongo, a character in the Matt Groening comic strip Life in HellBongo, a dog who played drums in the ITV children's series Animal KwackersBongo submarine, a fictional vehicle in the film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceBongo, the cartoon ape bouncer from the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit"Little Bear Bongo", a 1930 short story for children by Sinclair Lewis Bongo, a segment of the 1947 Disney film Fun and Fancy Free, adapted from the Lewis story
Bongo drum, a percussion instrument made up of two small drums attached to each other"Bongo Bongo Bongo I Don't Want to Leave the Congo", an alternative name for the 1947 song "Civilization""Bongo Bong", a single by Manu Chao from the 2000 album ClandestinoBongo Fury, a Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart album, 1975Bongo flava, a Tanzanian hip hop genreThe Bongos, an America pop music bandMusic Man Bongo, a model of bass guitar


Bongo Country, the name of several places in AfricaBongo District, a district in the Upper East Region of Ghana Bongo, Ghana, town, capital of Bongo DistrictBongo (Ghana parliament constituency), in Bongo DistrictBongo Gewog, village in Chukha District, BhutanBongo (Grand-Bassam), Ivory CoastBongo Island, island in the Sulu Archipelago, PhilippinesBongo Massif, mountain range in north-eastern Central African RepublicBôngo, alternative name for Bengal (eastern India and Bangladesh)Mbongo, Angola, in Huambo Province, Angola, known as Bongo


Bongo Bongo Land, a derogatory reference to Third World countries, particularly those in AfricaBongo-Bongo (linguistics), used as a name for an imaginary languageBongo people (Gabon), a forest peopleBongo people (South Sudan), an ethnic group in SudanBongo–Bagirmi languages, the major branch of the Central Sudanic language family Bongo–Baka languagesBongo language, the language of the Bongo people of Sudan

Other uses[edit]

Bongo (antelope), a species of forest antelope from AfricaBongo (name)Bongo Jeans/Bongo Apparel, a clothing brand that was acquired by the Iconix Brand Group in 1998Bongo (software), an open source mail and calendar projectA tree, Cavanillesia platanifoliaDK Bongos, a video game controllerKia Bongo, an automobileMazda Bongo, a vanOperation Bongo II, 1964 Oklahoma City sonic boom testsUm Bongo, a fruit drink marketed at children