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Bongo(s) may refer to:


Bongo drum, a percussion instrument made up of two small drums attached to each otherBongo music, a genreBongo Fury, a Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart album, 1975The Bongos, an America pop music bandMusic Man Bongo, a model of bass guitar


Bongo people (Gabon), a forest peopleBongo people (South Sudan), an ethnic group in Sudan Bongo language, the language of the Bongo people of Sudan, of the Bongo–Baka branch of Central Sudanic languages


Bongo (antelope), a species of forest antelope from AfricaA tree, Cavanillesia platanifolia


Bongo (name)


Bongo, a nickname of a country of TanzaniaBongo Country, the name of several places in AfricaBongo District, a district in the Upper East Region of Ghana Bongo, Ghana, town, capital of Bongo DistrictBongo (Ghana parliament constituency), in Bongo DistrictBongo Gewog, village in Chukha District, BhutanBongo (Grand-Bassam), Ivory CoastBongo Island, island in the Sulu Archipelago, PhilippinesBongo Massif, mountain range in north-eastern Central African RepublicBôngo, alternative name for Bengal (eastern India and Bangladesh)Mbongo, Angola, in Huambo Province, Angola, known as Bongo


Kia Bongo, an automobileMazda Bongo, a van


Bongo Jeans/Bongo Apparel, a clothing brand that was acquired by the Iconix Brand Group in 1998.

Computing and digital game technology[edit]

Bongo (animation), a plug-in for the Rhinoceros 3D modeling programBongo (software), an open source mail and calendar projectDK Bongos, a video game controller


"Little Bear Bongo", a 1930 short story for children by Sinclair Lewis, adapted for the 1947 Disney feature film Fun and Fancy Free


Bongo Comics Group, a comic book publishing companyBongo (Dragon Ball) or Krillin, a character in Dragon Ball mediaBongo, a character in the 1947 Walt Disney animated film Fun and Fancy FreeBongo, a character in the Matt Groening comic strip Life in HellBongo, a dog who played drums in the ITV children's series Animal KwackersBongo submarine, a fictional vehicle in the film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceBongo, the cartoon ape bouncer from the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger RabbitBongo (TV series), an Indian television drama

Bongo Bongo[edit]

Bongo Bongo Land - a derogatory reference to Third World countries, particularly those in AfricaBongo-Bongo (linguistics) - used in linguistics as a name for an imaginary languageBongo Bongo Bongo I Don't Want to Leave the Congo - an alternative name for "Civilization"