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Caitlin Rose

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  • Born: Dallas, TX
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://thecaitlinrose.com
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  • Caitlin Rose


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All Music Guide:

Caitlin Rose's inspirations, from Gram Parsons to Bonnie Raitt to Linda Ronstadt, belied her late-‘80s birth. The offbeat Nashville, Tennessee-based singer/songwriter and guitarist debuted in February 2008 on the Theory 8 label with the Dead Flowers EP, its title track a Rolling Stones cover with a pleading touch, laced with pedal steel guitar. Five months later, the limited Gorilla Man, pressed on 300 copies of 7” vinyl, featured re-recordings. Her debut album, Own Side Now, followed in August 2010. It was issued on Names, the label that had issued Dead Flowers in the U.K., and reissued in 2011 following her decision to sign with ATO. The assured and impressive The Stand-In appeared early in 2013.


  • 03.23.17 RT @sextsbot: I dishonour you with your own ideas
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  • 03.21.17 LastNight #InDreams friend explains his open rship w/"She knows if she wants to ride the wave she's gotta take what comes in with the tide."
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