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Chris Abrahams

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  • Born: Australia


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One of Australia's premier musicians, Chris Abrahams has appeared with the Benders, the Sparklers, Peter Blakeley, the Necks, Jackie Orszaczky, and Ed Kuepper and is widely recognized as one of Australia's top keyboard players. Abrahams first public appearance came with popular jazz outfit the Benders who released three albums: E (1983), False Laughter (1984), and Distance (1985). A solo album, Piano, followed in 1985 as well as the dance-pop act, the Sparklers, where Abrahams appeared on two singles, "Overworking" (October 1986) and "So Often Dreaming" (January 1987), before leaving to be replaced by Phil Grove. During this time Abrahams also worked as a session player, appearing on albums by Laughing Clowns, the Triffids, Ed Kuepper, the Lime Spiders, and Stephen Cummings. He also appeared on two soundtracks released in 1986: Illusion and Dancing Daze. Another solo outing, Walk, was released in 1987. In 1989 Abrahams joined former Sparklers singer Melanie Oxley and they released an EP, Resisting Calm, as well as two soul-pop albums: Welcome to Violet and Coal. In 1990 Abrahams was voted Best Keyboard Player in Rolling Stone magazine. In 1993, he served as Midnight Oil's keyboardist on their Earth, Sun, and Moon world tour. Abrahams also played with the Necks throughout the '90s and they released several jazz albums on various labels including Sex (1990), Next (1991), Aquatic (1994), and Silent Night (1997).


Christopher Robert Lionel Abrahams (born 9 April 1961 in New Zealand) is a Sydney-based pianist, best known for his jazz work.

Abrahams has been a member of the Benders, Laughing Clowns, The Sparklers and The Necks. He has recorded several solo albums, as well as collaborations with Melanie Oxley from the Sparklers. Abrahams has also been a session musician on albums for artists such as The Church, The Whitlams, Midnight Oil, Wendy Matthews, Skunkhour and Silverchair.

Chris Abrahams produced and arranged the music for the Australian film "The Tender Hook" which was released in 2008. In 2008, Chris Abraham's work on the film's soundtrack was nominated for the "Best Original Music Score" AFI Award.

Some of Abrahams music is experimental in nature—The Necks are an improvisational trio, and Abraham's performance at the Room40 Tenth Anniversary in London was labelled "ambient", "free-jazz" and "industrial noise" by (UK) Financial Times reviewer, Mike Hobart. Chris Reid from RealTime Arts Magazine wrote of his Germ Studies collaboration with Clare Cooper, an organiser of the NOWnow Festival who played the Chinese zither on the album, ". . . it represents an extensive investigation into the endless range of sounds that can be created by combining the venerable DX7 synthesiser and the even more venerable Chinese zither, the guzheng. . . a deep exploration of musical language".Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{reflist}} template (see the help page).

Solo discography[edit]

Piano (Hot HTLP1014, 1985)Walk (Hot HTLP1025, 1986)Glow (Vegetable/Vitamin VEGE001, 2001)Streaming (Vegetable Records VEGE002, 2003)Thrown (Room40 RM409, 2005)The Tender Hook Soundtrack (Vitamin Records, 2008)Play Scar (Room40, 2010)Memory Night (Room40, 2013)

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Discography with Melanie Oxley[edit]

Resisting Calm (EP, Spiral Scratch, 1990)Welcome to Violet (Remote/MDS, 1992)Coal (Remote/MDS, 1994)Jerusalem Bay (Remote, 1998)Blood Oranges (Vitamin, 2003)

Other collaborations[edit]

Pedal (Staubgold STAUBGOLD83, 2008) with Simon James PhillipsOceanic Feeling Like (Room40 RM420, 2008) with Mike CooperGerm Studies (Split Records, Splitrec CD19, 2009) with Clare Cooper

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