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Cooly G

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  • Years Active: 2000s
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Cooly G (Merrisa Campbell) is a vocalist, producer, and DJ -- a fixture of England's esteemed Hyperdub label since 2009. That's the year she issued the 12" "Narst," featuring a battering A-side backed by "Love (Dub)," a soft collision between lovers rock reggae and contemporary R&B. By the end of 2009, she shared a split 12" with Mala as part of Hyperdub's series of five-year anniversary releases. The following year involved another Hyperdub 12" and a second split, this time shared with Scratcha DVA on DVA Music. Her "revoice" of King Midas Sound's "Meltdown" -- retitled "Spin Me Around" -- was one of the standouts on King Midas Sound's 2011 Without You compilation. The steamy vocal she recorded for it pointed the way toward her first two albums, Playin' Me (2012) and Wait 'Til Night (2014), both of which were released on Hyperdub. She has also remixed tracks by Zero 7 ("Medicine Man"), V.V. Brown ("Game Over"), Ke$ha ("Tik Tok"), Speech Debelle ("I'm with It"), and the Knife ("A Tooth for an Eye").

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Interview: Cooly G

By Sharon O'Connell, Contributor

In the increasingly crowded post-dubstep scene, there are still strikingly few female beats builders, but one name that stands out is Merissa Campbell. As Cooly G, the self-taught Brixton producer, singer, DJ and label boss — not to mention single mother of two and semi-pro footballer — has been turning heads since 2008, when she dropped the first CD-R in her Dub Organizer series. It sparked a blaze of enthusiasm in the blogosphere and sold… more »