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Revolving around the fractured tales of whispery-voiced namesake Ani Cordero, Cordero blend the angular sparseness of indie rock with the earthy vibe and sultry tone of Latin pop. Starting in Atlanta, GA, in 1999, the band was originally just Ani, a singing drummer lucky enough to have a role in the Man or Astro-Man? side project the Gamma Clones. A relocation to Tucson helped her develop her material better and by the next year, she recorded an album with Giant Sand alum Howe Gelb. The album was never released, and a disappointed Ani moved to New York to form a regular band. Keeping her last name for the project, she drafted drummer Chris Verne, bassist (and fellow member of Bee & Flower) Jon Petrow, multi-instrumentalist FA Blasco, and guitarist Lynn Wright. The musicians worked well together and recorded Lamb Lost in the City in spring 2002 for release that summer. Somos Cordero appeared in March 2004. For Cordero's third album, 2006's En Este Momento, the group signed with Bloodshot. An appearance at the annual South by Southwest music conference in Austin, TX, followed in March.


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