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Coupe Cloue

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  • Born: Leogane, Haiti
  • Years Active: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s


Biography All Music Guide

All Music Guide:

An enigmatic guitarist and singer, Coupé Cloué acquired this nickname (translated as "kickout") from his prowess on the soccer field. He is famous, or rather notorious, for his lyrics containing sexual double-entendres, long "raps" ranging from risqué to romantic, and social satire. His "compas mamba" (peanut compas) seem very African, with a guitar style resembling West African highlife and the use of Cuban bongo drums and bamboo tubes played with sticks in addition to the standard conga and drum kit. Appearing on many album covers wearing African clothing, Coupé Cloué, with his shaved head, cuts a striking figure. This may explain why he was given the title "Le Roi" (the king) when he played in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, in 1975. Of all the electric Caribbean bands, Coupé Cloué has the strongest African sound, which shows the strength of his roots, for he claims he never heard African music before his 1975 trip. Son Haiti: Best of Coupe Cloue was released in 1999 by Arcade.