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Craig Finn

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Perhaps best known as the singer of the Hold Steady, Craig Finn is a Minnesota-bred singer, songwriter, and guitarist based out of New York City. Combining literary influences like Jack Kerouac and John Berryman with the musical influences of Bruce Springsteen and fellow Minnesotan Paul Westerberg, Finn's highly descriptive lyrical style has a focus on narrative, crafting whole worlds for the people in his songs to exist within. In 1994, the singer put this style to work with the indie rock band Lifter Puller, refining his craft over the course of their three albums before the band called it quits in 2000. After the band dissolved, Finn relocated from the Twin Cities to New York, where he would collaborate with producer Mr. Projectile on the short-lived project the Brokerdealer in 2001 before eventually reuniting with Lifter Puller bassist Tad Kubler to form the Hold Steady in 2004. While the band's whiskey-fueled bar rock sound was a departure from the angular, synth-filled sounds of Lifter Puller, Finn's lyrically dense storytelling style remained intact, making the Hold Steady the thinking man's bar band. After five albums with the band, the singer and songwriter tried his hand at a solo album during some downtime from his main project, and in 2012 released Clear Heart Full Eyes through Vagrant Records.

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  • 04.26.17 Fantastic eve in Manchester last night to end tour!!! Thanks for having me! #cfuk https://t.co/ruk450ifdf
  • 04.25.17 If she asks just tell her that we opened for The Stones...2007 at Slane Castle. Didn't meet the… https://t.co/eohiDVVyCM
  • 04.24.17 Had a great time last night in this fantastic store. Thanks for having me! #cfuk https://t.co/BGxeMg2lsa
  • 04.22.17 In between in-stores at Rough Trade and Banquet Records we snuck in a QPR vs Brentford match.… https://t.co/VeOZPn9pw5
  • 04.22.17 And see you also a bit later @BanquetRecords! #RSD17 https://t.co/2riAUGb0Qk
  • 04.22.17 Hey, it's #RSD17 see you soon @RoughTrade West! https://t.co/GRv6uBXuF6
  • 04.21.17 Recorded "God in Chicago" one year ago today, the day that Prince died. Put the '1999' reference in there last minute as a tribute.
  • 04.19.17 RT @Matt_Willcock: @steadycraig @theholdsteady @songkick spare ticket to Craig's gig tonight - hate to see it go to waste - face value - ca…
  • 04.19.17 RT @imcraigoc: @steadycraig @CourtyardHoxton hi, selling one ticket for tonight as fiancee can't make it. could you RT to help get into the…
  • 04.19.17 London! Looking forward to playing @CourtyardHoxton tonight! I'll be on 9pm. Sold out. See you soon! #cfuk #behonest
  • 04.18.17 Not fake news. https://t.co/OkQY1MxPGm
  • 04.18.17 Greetings from North Suffolk. This ruined castle made me feel a bit Zeppelin. Really nice time… https://t.co/pTlLwkEySD