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  • Years Active: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s
  • Website: http://darkstar.ws
  • Recent Activity: 08.28.14 😜 for purchase on Chatsworth Road
  • Darkstar

  • Darkstar


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Having collaborated very fruitfully on 1992's End Amen project, guitarist Dan Rock (ex-Psychotic Waltz) and keyboardist/programmer Siggi Blasey decided to team up once again in 1996 for a new band they dubbed Darkstar. Calling upon bassist Martin Lordanidis and drummer Oliver Werner for assistance, they came up with two albums -- 1996's Marching into Oblivion and 1999's Heart of Darkness -- containing an atmospheric, spacy, almost new agey brand of progressive heavy metal.


Dark Star

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11.28.14 Alexandra Palace London, Lnd UK

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  • 08.28.14 😜 for purchase on Chatsworth Road
  • 08.28.14 MAD DOG DEON https://t.co/2NnCITicdH
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  • 08.26.14 Good little spell for Man U this
  • 08.26.14 Good old Moysey.
  • 08.25.14 Just think 'Blazing Squad' missed their beloved city to have a 4 on 4 in Stockport somewhere