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Daughn Gibson

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Daughn Gibson’s 10 Favorite Country Songs

By J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief

"I mean, we weren't, like, huffing jars of shit or anything." That's the disclaimer issued by electro-country singer Daughn Gibson roughly six minutes into our conversation, when asked what, exactly, teenagers do for a good time in his hometown of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. If he sounds a little defensive, it's understandable. Gibson spent his adolescence combing the bins at Double Decker Records for rare punk singles and bashing out brutal basement anthems with a rotating cast of… more »


Editors’ Picks: What We’re Listening To Right Now

By Wondering Sound Staff, Contributor

If there's one thing we've always loved about stepping into our friendly neighborhood record store, it's perusing the staff picks that plaster the walls and every last end cap. That's what we hope to replicate with our Editors' Picks every month — a feeling of genuine discovery as you flip through our personal favorites and hit refresh. Have a look down below, and feel free to take advantage of our new comments system to share… more »