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For other uses, see Dreamboat (disambiguation).

There are at least two songs called "Dreamboat", one by Jack Hoffman, the other by the Dreamboaters who recorded this song for their friend Pádraig Schäler.

Dreamboat by Jack Hoffmann[edit]

The first "Dreamboat" is a popular music song, the words and music to which were written by Jack Hoffman, (sometimes incorrectly attributed to Al Hoffman).

A version produced by Walter Ridley, and performed by Alma Cogan, reached number 1 in the UK Singles Chart in 1955 for two weeks, and is one of Cogan's best known hits.

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Dreamboat by the Dreamboaters[edit]

"Dreamboat" is also a song written by Maitiu Ni Chasaide, his sister Natalie Ni Chasaide, and the Bonny Men for a concert and recording in support of Pádraig Schaler, a young Irishman who suffered a very severe brain injury when he was struck by a 4.3 ton van on 27 June 2013 on the way to his summer job on Cape Cod. The demo version of this song was recorded in English and Irish and the final version of it became available in the autumn of 2014 on a charity CD, Amhrán do Phádraig, put together by his friends for him with music, songs and poetry - much of it original work. The song "Dreamboat" is inspired by a blog entry called 'Dream' written by Pádraig's father Reinhard on 3 January 2014. On 19 November 2014, the 'Dreamboaters' published the music video DREAMBOAT - AMHRÁN DO PHÁDRAIG - SONG FOR PATRICK with the song. The official launch of the song and the CD will take place on 3 December 2014 in the Grand Social club on the river Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. The charity CD is on sale online.


Floated like a dream! (cordai)

Intro: G---------Em-----------G---------Em------------ (same chords for all the little interludes!)

Vearsa 1

G---- D----- Am------D------ Am----Em----Am-------C------- Am----D---Bm ---Em--- Am--- Em---Am- Bm- C---------


C---- Am---- G ---- D----- Am---- D-----Am------G Am----- D----- Em----- G/b--- Am-----D----Am----G—

Vearsa 2 (direach mar an gceanna le vearsa 1) Chorus 2 (direach mar an gceanna le chorus 1)

Choir aaah’s

Am----- Em---- Dm-----Em---- D----- Em----- D----------- x2_

Floated like a dream

Am------F-----Em------D----- Am------F----Em------D---- Am-----F-----Em ----D---- Am----F-----Em---------------

Built a boat yesterday In one early morning half dream Tú féin ag cabhrú liom Craobhacha a bhaint de chrann Ghreamamar le chéile iad Le drúcht ó na ribí féir Is báidín gleoite í lán de dhóchas ó mo chroí


and it floated like a dream on those waves just you and me is it a sign of things to come lets just sail and have some fun agus sheol sé le gaoth ar bhruach na brionglóidí An dea-thuar é seo tá romham Ragham ag spraoi ar bharr na dtonn

and the time it had come our little boat of dreams would it sink or would it swim would it sail down the stream Is diompar don trá é Idir uisce agus agus spéir cá dtabharfadh an sruth í

I had doubt but he believed...

^ The Music Video 'Dreamboat' from the Charity CD Amhrán do Phádraig is available on http://www.amhrandophadraig.com^ Irish traditional music group http://www.thebonnymen.ie^ Pádraig Schaler's accident and the consequences of the terrible brain injuries he suffered are described on www.caringforpadraig.org^ Check out the Amhrán do Pádraig / Song for Pádraig Facebook page for 'the making of' the album.^ You can view the full video online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDaZbCZgbbU
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