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Ezra Furman

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  • Ezra Furman


  • 01.17.17 Strange Passage, a great band, play Subterranean in Chicago. Look em up for a good time https://t.co/unQlQI83pF
  • 01.13.17 RT @tristentristen: My merch store takes international orders, finalmente! Git my poetry book w/ a foreword by @ezrafurman !! https://t.co/…
  • 01.13.17 The last two nights I have seen three amazing bands live in Chicago: Strange Passage, Dream Version and Weaves. Live music RULES go SEE SOME
  • 01.13.17 The chicagoans never let me down. Thank you for last night.
  • 01.13.17 Holy crap Dream Version is an incredible band. Listen to them ASAP
  • 01.12.17 We can't allow ACA to be repealed. We can't go quietly. I could lose my health insurance and die and sing no more.… https://t.co/30d8zHqvXW
  • 01.12.17 2/2 is there a way I can help start a discussion that leads more fans to boycott things like Coachella that are probably harming the world?
  • 01.12.17 1/2 I understand people responding saying I should play Coachella & use it as fuel for defending issues I care about. That makes sense. But