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Gardens & Villa

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In 2008, synth-driven indie pop group Gardens & Villa formed in Santa Barbara, California. With an album's worth of sugary, celebratory tunes under their belt, guitarist Christopher Lynch, keyboardist Adam Rasmussen, bassist Shane McKillop, and drummer Levi Hayden traveled to Oregon to record their self-titled debut. Gardens & Villa was completed over the course of two weeks under the supervision of Secretly Canadian labelmate Richard Swift, and released in the summer of 2011. Around this time, Dustin Ineman was brought on board for live shows to play keyboards and percussion. By the time of their next album, he was on board as a full-time member. 2014's dancier, more focused Dunes was produced by Tim Goldsworthy (late of the DFA team) and recorded at Michigan's Key Club studio.


  • 01.16.17 Frank Sinatra middle of the night #why It was a very good year
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