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Ghost Wave

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Who Are…Ghost Wave

By Hilary Hughes, Contributor

Inking a record deal is a major milestone for any band, but when it's with the quintessential indie label that's touted the talents of some of your country's favorite alt-rock icons, it's a distinction on another level. That's exactly what happened to Ghost Wave with Ages, their full-length debut. In New Zealand, Flying Nun Records has been the revered home of incendiary alternative rock, punk and reverb-ridden noise since 1981 — and the paradoxical perfection… more »


  • 01.18.17 RT @nzonairmusic: Enjoy the swirly new visual from Auckland duo @ghostwave for 'Don't Ask Why' ~ https://t.co/UUqs4RLRUk
  • 01.18.17 RT @GBHMusic: Night song #nowwatching @ghostwave "Don't Ask Why" https://t.co/aah5HeZtTF https://t.co/8hs0Vs7s7m
  • 01.10.17 RT @therevue: Our #MegaPlaylist of #bestsongsof2016: "All U Do Is Kill" by NZ wunderkinds Ghost Wave https://t.co/n79ln9X3BK @ghostwave #be…
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  • 09.27.16 RT @alicantelivem: These are, in our humble opinion, the best albums of last week: https://t.co/5jtcdCwXWF https://t.co/0G89I46Apz
  • 09.23.16 RT @pimmon: #Nowplaying @ghostwave - Blues Signal '79 #insidesleeve @abcrnmusic https://t.co/CVd660nohP
  • 09.21.16 RT @DKFMTracks: Ghost Wave - Horsemouth #np Now playing on DKFM, at https://t.co/GLDr5Sn1RX
  • 09.21.16 🙌 https://t.co/EXFsOXlAuS
  • 09.17.16 RT @Inbedwimaradona: Bonus second track for a Friday, @ghostwave with their shimmering, spacey, psych/krautrock https://t.co/x2xut8ujp6
  • 09.17.16 RT @WoNoMagazine: @ghostwave provides all the drugs Wo. needs. WoNoBloG: Radio Norfolk. Ghost Wave https://t.co/noXfX6iIXN @FlyingNun
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