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Good Riddance

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  • Formed: Santa Cruz, CA
  • Years Active: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s


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Good Riddance is a straight-edge hardcore punk band from Santa Cruz, CA. Led by vocalist Russ Rankin, the band's longtime lineup included guitarist Luke Pabich, bassist Chuck Platt, and drummer Sean "SC" Sellers. Although it was formed in 1986 by ex-Fury 66 member Rankin as a voice for his political frustrations and protests, the band did not gel until Pabich's arrival. In 1990, they released their first 7", Gidget, on Little Deputy Records.

Good Riddance was eventually discovered by NOFX bassist and Fat Wreck Chords owner Fat Mike. After recruiting Platt, the band produced the powerful For God and Country, which was released in 1995. Their place as a top seller in Fat Wreck's lineup established, the band went on to produce the remarkable 1996 release A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion. Playing off of their strong antiwar and straight-edge attitudes, Good Riddance cultivated a large following in the punk community. During the summer of 1996 and most of 1997, Good Riddance toured the U.S. and much of Europe with such headliners as Sick of It All, No Use for a Name, and Propagandhi.

Confident with the stability of their career, Good Riddance went back to the studios to record the 1998 album Ballads from the Revolution. Seeing the band's music as a way to reach people with his message, Rankin packaged the CD with an eloquent essay. Although certainly not the first band to do such a thing, Good Riddance stepped outside of the new-school punk format and hearkened back to the days of early protest punk. In early 1999, the band released their fourth album, Operation Phoenix; however, Sellers departed late that year.

Good Riddance continued to tour with other Fat Wreck Chords artists, initially recruiting Lagwagon's Dave Raun as a temporary fill-in for Sellers. Raun played on the mid-2000 EP The Phenomenon of Craving before former Kid Dynamite drummer Dave Wagenschutz officially joined the band. The following year, the band released Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit. A split disc with Kill Your Idols preceded an all covers album, Cover Ups, featuring versions of classics from Black Flag and the Psychedelic Furs.

Good Riddance returned to all-original material in 2003 with the furious social, political, and personal hardcore rants of Bound by Ties of Blood and Affection. A two-week European tour was completed in early 2006 before the band's seventh full-length, My Republic, appeared that summer, featuring Sellers back behind the Good Riddance drum kit. As members of the band became increasingly busy with outside commitments and family, it became harder for them to tour with the same frequency as they (and their fans) were used to. This fact coupled with the changing musical climate away from their brand of hardcore, causing Good Riddance to ultimately decide to call it a day in 2007, so that they could "walk away from this with a degree of grace and dignity," instead of just fading away. A trio of California shows over Memorial Day weekend subsequently became the band's last stands. Remain in Memory: The Final Show was released in March 2008.


Good Riddance (sometimes abbreviated GR) is a punk rock band from Santa Cruz, California. They released seven full-length studio albums on Fat Wreck Chords, and their final album was a live recording of their farewell concert in 2007. Led by vocalist Russ Rankin, the band's longtime lineup included guitarist Luke Pabich, bassist Chuck Platt, and drummer Sean "SC" Sellers. Their sound was influenced by the hardcore punk scene and the band was known for their combination of fast punk with catchy melodies. Lyrical themes vary from political protests and critical analyses of American society to personal struggles and alienation.

The band reunited in February 2012 to play some live shows.[1]


State of Grace[edit]

Prior to Good Riddance, in the early 1990s Russ Rankin and Luke Pabich were members of Santa Cruz hardcore band State of Grace. State of Grace released one demo cassette, approximately 31 minutes long, in 1992; the nine tracks were recorded at "Lumberjack Studios" in "Haward" (presumably Hayward, California). They subsequently played dates on two short tours.

Demo track listingFade AwayAgnostic DreamDon't Judge MeCerebellumI Fight A WarIt Can ChangeHard FactsSanity PleaPass You By
Good Riddance[edit]

Rankin and Pabich were joined by Chuck Platt and Sean Sellers in the group Good Riddance. Sellers, replacing original drummer Rich Mcdermott who played with Good Riddance until the release of their first L.P., "For God and Country". Sean Sellers would continue to drum for Good Riddance until their e.p. "The Phenomenon of Craving", which Dave Raun from Lagwagon/RKL played on. Dave Wagenshutz, most well known as drummer for New Jersey melodic hardcore titans, Lifetime joined the band and recorded the next two albums and toured with Good Riddance. Sellers would eventually rejoin the band to play on their final studio record, "My Republic", and on their farewell live record. Every member of the band supported animal rights and was either vegan or vegetarian. The band was also a vocal supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the United States Green Party.

On April 3, 2007, they announced their breakup, and played their final show on May 27, 2007 in their hometown of Santa Cruz, California at The Catalyst. This show was recorded and released as their final album, Remain in Memory - The Final Show.

All of the members currently play in other projects: Pabich and Sellers in Outlie, Platt in I Want Out, and Rankin in Only Crime. Sellers also plays drums in Celtic punk band, The Real McKenzies.

In August 2009, guitarist Luke and bassist Chuck announced they are starting their own "heavy/aggressive band with old school punk and metal influences.”

On February 16, 2012, Good Riddance announced on their Web site that they had reunited. The band is to continue with their usual lineup (Rankin, Pabich, Platt and Sellers).

On 17 April 2012, it was announced that Good Riddance will be playing the Lock Up Stage at Leeds and Reading festival in August 2012.

According to Russ Rankin, Good Riddance plans to enter the studio in the fall of 2014 to begin recording a new album.Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{reflist}} template (see the help page).


Exposed! 1994-1999 VHS (Fat Wreck Chords, July 31, 2001)
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