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  • Born: Bruges, Belgium
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://gotye.com/
  • Recent Activity: 08.26.15 Check out this awesome drum machine made out of an old AM/FM radio by Mike at Mystery Circuits. I had a little jam :D http://t.co/7MY16VKDU8
  • Gotye

  • Gotye


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Gotye (pronounced "go-ti-yay" or "Gauthier") is the alias of Australian electronic pop trickster Wally de Backer. Born in Belgium and raised in Melbourne, de Backer began making music in his bedroom as a teen, and for several years fronted the rock band Downstares. After the group dissolved, he gravitated toward cut-and-paste electronic music, and in 2003 issued the first Gotye album, Boardface. Like Drawing Blood followed two years later, notching the cult hit "Learnalilgivinanlovin" and earning J Award consideration from the influential Aussie radio station Triple J. De Backer concurrently served in the Melbourne pop trio the Basics. In 2011 Gotye released Making Mirrors, featuring a duet with vocalist Kimbra, "Somebody That I Used to Know." The song became a global hit in 2012, charting in Billboard's Hot 100 and Rock Songs charts.

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2012 in Review: No Money, Mo’ Problems

By Barry Walters, Contributor

The moment rock graduated from the single to the long-playing format, people fell in love with The Big Rock Album. These were records where songwriters, musicians, producers, engineers and art designers pushed themselves — and each other — for months, sometimes years of major-label-bankrolled time to create an experience that would captivate the senses and hold our near-complete attention for 35-80 minutes at a stretch. Whether they were Pet Sounds, or Rumours, or London Calling… more »


  • 08.26.15 Check out this awesome drum machine made out of an old AM/FM radio by Mike at Mystery Circuits. I had a little jam :D http://t.co/7MY16VKDU8
  • 08.21.15 I'm playing a whole bunch of shows around all states of Australia with @the3basics in October. Come join us. Tix here http://t.co/00ipZbeYKY
  • 08.19.15 Last year I recorded an album with @the3basics. It just came out! Listen on Spotify here: https://t.co/K9TONOOxHT
  • 08.18.15 If you've been wondering about new music from me, listen here: The Basics' new album is out and sounding fabulous http://t.co/vgzWiZcsVZ
  • 08.11.15 Loving this dark clip for @kimbramusic's superb track Goldmine! https://t.co/FLOe3GNqY9
  • 07.28.15 Excited to see this documentary about Djalu and the Bärra Band coming along! http://t.co/hTo9LgSlzD
  • 07.28.15 I love this idea: turning the NYC turnstile beeps into musical notes. #SubwaySymphony http://t.co/EL6XVS4UvE
  • 07.09.15 Check it out- I'm on vocals and drums for a new song with The Basics. We recorded it at Abbey Roundabout last year https://t.co/ZtvaXo3eW8
  • 06.22.15 Great collection of songs and excellent guest vocals on this EP from Japanese Wallpaper (@jpnswllppr) https://t.co/HUqjvOt7bj
  • 06.17.15 RT @GreenpeaceAustP: Take another look at Greenpeace’s new video to #savethereef feat. @gotye http://t.co/75fJiByk2K http://t.co/detUoA8n97
  • 06.16.15 RT @GotyeHQ: .@triple j have named Making Mirrors the #1 essential album of their 2011 retrospective http://t.co/QAqXNQ6piw. Gotye HQ
  • 06.06.15 Check out this newie from @the3basics. It's in English and Swahili, and the clip saw Kris and Tim go to Kenya to film http://t.co/Xo7pLbDCRH