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Jamie Grace

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All Music Guide:

Atlanta, Georgia's Jamie Grace, a Christian singer, songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, ukulele, drums), and sometimes actress, was born November 25, 1991. While she always had an affinity for music as she was growing up, she turned to it in earnest when she was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome in 2003 at age 11.

Mixing folk, country, hip-hop, and reggae into a sunny, hopeful style somewhat reminiscent of a CCM version of Colbie Caillat, Grace began posting versions of her doing cover songs and originals on YouTube. She was discovered there by tobyMac, who signed her to his Gotee record label in 2009 when she was 19 years old. A debut single and EP, both entitled Hold Me, appeared early in 2011, and a full-length album, One Song at a Time, arrived later that same year. Also in 2011, she released a second EP, Christmas Together.

By 2014, Grace had readied her second full album, Ready to Fly, produced by Chuck Butler, David Garcia, and Christopher Stevens. Receiving strong reviews, it became her first album to peak inside the Top 40 of the album charts.


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