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Jamie Lidell

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  • Born: Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Engla
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://www.jamielidell.com/
  • Recent Activity: 05.27.15 💲Ангбанда. Он созвал своих слуг и сотворил огромные клубы дыма и
  • Jamie Lidell


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All Music Guide:

British producer Jamie Lidell became as widely recognized for his effective neo-soul vocals and performances as for his earlier career as a producer of groovy experimental techno. After some EP releases for labels such as Mosquito and an appearance on the Mille Plateaux-released Industrialsamplecoregouchbeat compilation, Lidell collaborated with equally well-known techno producer Cristian Vogel as Super_Collider in 1999. Following this project, most noteworthy for the popular track "Darn (Cold Way o' Lovin')," Lidell recorded a solo album for Warp in 2000, Muddlin Gear. Five years later, still on Warp, he pursued an organic neo-soul direction for Multiply, heavily assisted by fellow instrumentalist and producer Mocky. 2008's Jim was similar in approach and sounded much more natural than its predecessor.

For 2010's Compass, Lidell changed directions once again, employing the likes of Beck, Feist, and members of Grizzly Bear; its lead song, the title track, was a rather spacy folk-blues epic that later appeared in the soundtrack for the Rockstar video game Red Dead Redemption. He also wrote and sang on a track for Simian Mobile Disco's Unpatterns album from 2012, and moved to Nashville. After building his own studio, he used it to record his follow-up album for Warp, the self-titled Jamie Lidell, which saw release in early 2013.


Jamie Lidell (born Jamie Alexander Lidderdale, 18 September 1973, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England) is an English musician and soul singer living in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. He was once a part of a group with Cristian Vogel called Super Collider.

^ Can a Nerd Have Soul?


Lidell is known for layering tracks made with his voice into a microphone and performing the percussion and melody as a sequenced, beatboxing one-man band. Then over his augmented voices, he sings soul-inspired songs. This exercise makes for energetic live performances. Lidell has become renowned for his diverse range of genre-exploration. Following the release of his 2008 album, Jim, Lidell commented,

I want it to be about music, I think every musician does. But I think inevitably it ends up becoming about personality, which is what gives rise to the music, so people want to make sure that they get a bit of both. The more things do well, the more people want to know why it does well.

His song "Multiply" was used on the television show Grey's Anatomy, and was also included on its second soundtrack. Another song from his album Multiply, "A Little Bit More", was featured in a series of commercials for the U.S. retailer Target.

He often collaborates with Canadian musicians such as Gonzales, Feist and Mocky. In 2009 he collaborated with British electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco for the song "Off The Map". In 2006, he was part of a live performance collaboration with David Link and F. M. Einheit, which was released on CD as 'Echohce'. In 2001, he provided vocals for the Lo Fidelity Allstars track "Deep Ellum...Hold On," from their CD 'Don't Be Afraid of Love.'

In early 2009, Lidell's Jim won in The 8th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Pop/Rock Album.

In 2009 he contributed a cover of Grizzly Bear's song "Little Brother" to the Warp20 (Recreated) compilation, as well as having his song "A Little Bit More" covered by Tim Exile.

In March 2010, Lidell announced that he was releasing a new album entitled Compass which was produced by fellow musician and occasional collaborator Beck. The album was released in May 2010. The title track is featured in the Rockstar video game Red Dead Redemption.

Lidell was the co-writer and vocalist for the Simian Mobile Disco track "Put Your Hands Together", from their 2012 album Unpatterns.

On 18 February 2013, Lidell released his self-titled album Jamie Lidell to critical acclaim. It saw him return to his live one-man show set up. He was also featured in Atom™'s track "I Love U (Like I Love My Drum Machine)" featured in his album "HD" (released on 26 March 2013).

On 24 February 2015, Lidell was featured on Big Data's song, "Clean".

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Personal life[edit]

Lidell married his long-term girlfriend, Lindsey Rome, in the summer of 2012 in Nashville.

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