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Joel Harrison

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In 1999 guitarist/composer/singer/arranger Joel Harrison relocated to New York City from the West Coast, where the multi-talented musician spent years leading various groups and ensembles, as well as freelancing as a much in-demand session player around the San Francisco area. His electrifying blend of creative jazz, modern classical, and ethnic fusion has spawned seven critically lauded albums (3+3=7, Range of Motion, Transience, Free Country, So Long 2nd Street, Harrison on Harrison, Harbor, Passing Train, and Urban Myths), as well as numerous film and documentary scores. In 2011, Harrison explored The Music of Paul Motian on his aptly titled album. The following year, he returned with the exploratory quintet album Holy Abyss and the classical-influenced Search. In the late spring of 2013, Harrison released Infinite Possibility with a 19-piece big band.

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Interview: Joel Harrison

By Dan Ouellette, Contributor

In the liner notes to his impressive new album, Search, New York-based guitarist/composer Joel Harrison writes that he set out to challenge himself compositionally to "use extended forms and some new techniques…without sacrificing spontaneity, a tricky balance." Best known as a jazz artist who has been exploring a variety of new approaches and genres over the course of his 15 albums as a leader, on Search, Harrison leans heavily on the influences of classical musicians… more »


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