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Group Members: James Plotkin/ Brent Gutzeit, Stephen O'malley & Attila Csihar, James Plotkin, James Plotkin/ Mark Spybey

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Khanate (pronounced "khan-eight") formed in the year 2000 with the intention of setting new standards for pain and ugliness in the doom metal genre. Their songs are marked by dissonant, heavily down-tuned guitar/bass figures, extremely slow tempos, swarms of high-pitched feedback, and painfully shrieked vocals, making for a genuinely anguished and challenging listening experience -- put another way, their music is not for everybody. The quartet is headed up by guitarist Stephen O'Malley (Burning Witch, Thorr's Hammer, Sunn O)))) and bassist James Plotkin (OLD, Atomsmasher, etc.), two musicians whose reputations in the underground metal/experimental arenas precede them and can give listeners an idea of what to expect from the band. Rounding out the lineup are vocalist Alan Dubin (also formerly of OLD) and drummer Tim Wyskida. Khanate released their self-titled debut in the fall of 2001 on Southern Lord Records.

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