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Kishi Bashi

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  • Kishi Bashi


  • 12.08.16 Working the Kraft @nudecoensemble ! @ The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse https://t.co/fXIbIjftvM
  • 12.08.16 Miami 😎 very excited for the show tonight with @nudecoensemble https://t.co/egqrkzOIwq
  • 12.08.16 RT @iheartjlp: Printed more @Kishi_bashi for upcoming shows. 2 more merch items on the way. Maybe online sales? Am I allowed to say that? h…
  • 12.06.16 RT @KishiBashi_JP: Kishi Bashi Japan Tourのゲストにもるつオーケストラが決定しました!!!!演奏力、パフォーマンス力に定評ある彼らのライブもぜひお楽しみに🎵https://t.co/bwsKZUsB9X
  • 12.05.16 Christmas Craft success. This is some kind of 3D paper snowflake https://t.co/OqwS0SzpCz
  • 12.03.16 Christian and his cool beans jitteryjoescoffee @ Jittery Joes https://t.co/XgCkIsErIR
  • 12.02.16 Oh my god so it took me 8 separate string divisi voices to approximate the reversed noodly loopy… https://t.co/qfv0rL0kKr
  • 12.02.16 Haha I want to hang out with this guy! https://t.co/poF28pRkJA
  • 11.30.16 It's back to school again today with mixmasterwyatt! He's ALL about the FabFilter Pro MB and I… https://t.co/roLSWcKAN6
  • 11.27.16 RT @iheartjlp: Hot Club of Athens feat. @Kishi_bashi right now at @hendershot10 cafe https://t.co/q6Vp6Uks5u
  • 11.25.16 Gypsyfied Atticus. Pretty proud of my reharmonizations. Tomorrow will debut this at… https://t.co/oKmt9rzDrG
  • 11.25.16 Is it too late to change my gypsy swing band's name to "Hot Club Time Machine"???