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Who Are…Grass Widow

By Caryn Ganz, Contributor

"A major theme in the way we work is we don't have a frontperson and we really do everything together," says Hannah Lew, "so I'm going to do my best to represent all of us." She makes a good point: Grass Widow's sound is completely dependent on interlocking voices and roaming guitar and bass lines that zip past and into each other, generating tense pockets of dissonance and beautiful moments of resolution. The group's second… more »


From The Vaults: Fetchin Bones

By Mark Kemp, Contributor

In the mid-'80s a slew of quirky college-rock bands from Georgia and North Carolina stood poised to become the next big thing on the American indie-rock scene. Most wound up as footnotes to the R.E.M. story. Some — like Charlotte, North Carolina's Fetchin Bones — had brief moments in the sun before getting lost in the Aquanet fog of late-eighties hair metal. By the time Nirvana arrived a few years later to claim a spot… more »