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Mixing synth pop, shoegaze, and indie pop into a sound all their own, Ladytron formed in mid-1999. Keyboardists/programmers Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu settled in Liverpool after a spate of traveling and DJ work in Japan. They began work on their first single, "He Took Her to a Movie," which was recorded for 50 pounds. With vocals by guest Lisa Eriksson, the release brought a wave of critical acclaim, which the band took advantage of with a tour throughout the continent before beginning work on their debut EP, 2000's Commodore Rock. They met Bulgarian Mira Aroyo that summer, who became their vocalist, while Helen Marnie, who sings and plays keyboards for the group, also joined them. The studio full-length 604 followed a year later, and garnered many positive reviews. 2002 saw the release of the more polished Light & Magic and the mix album Softcore Jukebox. The group returned in the summer of 2005 with the Sugar single, which heralded the rock edge of Ladytron's third album, Witching Hour. Extended Play, which featured remixes of Witching Hour's singles, arrived the following spring. Ladytron moved to Nettwerk for their fourth album, the harder-edged Velocifero, which they produced themselves. Their fifth album, 2011's Gravity the Seducer, returned them to their synth pop roots.


  • 01.24.17 EXCLUSIVE!!! Marnie's new song 'Alphabet Block' is premiering right now on Popjustice https://t.co/szzY6gR1Al https://t.co/96lv3Yf0C1
  • 01.22.17 RT @jwharris: Great tracks here from @neworder,@lcdsoundsystem, @depechemode, @LadytronMusic, etc. https://t.co/0hJGs90xPL
  • 01.22.17 RT @BBC6Music: After the #womensmarch yesterday we've had lots of requests for @LadytronMusic 'Destroy Everything You Touch' for #Synth6Mus…
  • 01.22.17 RT @tomhardly: Lol I love how this @IncSyfy show is playing @LadytronMusic at some club in the future.
  • 12.18.16 Daniel is working on the soundtrack to new movie The Executrix, starring Asia Argento. Here's a preview. https://t.co/fmGTUWkqof
  • 12.16.16 RT @Daniel_IV_: First footage from new movie #TheExecutrix which I'm scoring with old friend & accomplice Bardi Johansson. https://t.co/fhm…
  • 12.02.16 I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/MUg1jg4Llo
  • 11.25.16 I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/Z8DWB86t5F
  • 11.24.16 RT @Daniel_IV_: Studio. https://t.co/GIg2yWV2U1
  • 11.10.16 Helen working it @ScotReDesigned https://t.co/2IKCTgBj9l
  • 10.01.16 Helen is cover girl in the Fall 2016 edition of @JuteMagazine https://t.co/9lFwvwl3JZ
  • 09.23.16 RT @marnieofficial: Cat's out of the bag then. https://t.co/rauPoSZKnO