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Laura Stevenson

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  • Laura Stevenson

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Interview: Laura Stevenson

By J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief

It's a gorgeous spring afternoon on the Lower East Side, and Laura Stevenson is talking about death. Not her fear of it so much as its inevitability — the fact that it's coming for all of us, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. That she delivers the observation in a bright, chipper, skipping voice just makes it feel more ominous. That, in part, is one of the most bewitching things about Wheel, Stevenson's… more »


  • 04.23.17 Joanna Newsom just appeared https://t.co/KD9BCnlTJL
  • 04.23.17 . @mikedcampbell just said "this guy's repug" about the king. Will he be executed.
  • 04.23.17 Update: I want a horse
  • 04.23.17 Update: I'm having fun at Medieval Times. (soup course)
  • 04.22.17 Lansing!!! I'm on my way to play Stoopfest TONIGHT!! Awesome lineup! Come hang out!!
  • 04.21.17 How to become... https://t.co/PlCKwk2BAz
  • 04.21.17 uh ohhh get 'em quick philly doggies! See you in a few days it will be my birthday eve- I love gift certificates to… https://t.co/MIB2FeDacO
  • 04.20.17 Tomorrow! Chicago area! ⭐️ https://t.co/h4JFj9DXp0
  • 04.18.17 Michigan folks! This festival is going to be super fun! https://t.co/XvEbL7BhAd
  • 04.18.17 RT @TheDweck: When a ghost shows you what life would have been like if you hadn't paid for all those abortions https://t.co/cjvllGFAXB
  • 04.13.17 Chicago-ish people! I'm playing solo in your suburbs next week! Tickets at https://t.co/3N6EiVBqnH https://t.co/Y8lgdQJnqL
  • 04.10.17 If you said your favorite part of Port Authority is the bathroom then... you're... RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! πŸ†πŸ†IT'S THE BATHROOM!!πŸ†πŸ†