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  • Lorde

  • Lorde


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  • 07.03.15 when rih's walking into the motel and tosses that coat over her shoulder i got a hint of marla singer and i LOVED it http://t.co/VzHEzEIXFV
  • 07.02.15 RT @rihanna: #BBHMMvideo out now!!!! #VEVO http://t.co/ngDSjYJXBI https://t.co/4KpsqTfIkN
  • 07.02.15 ok bbhmm is coming out tonight so you can watch two
  • 07.02.15 if you watch one music video this week, watch this: https://t.co/R5l7IpssTf @kendricklamar that is a VIDEO!!!!!!
  • 06.30.15 RT @Colorlines: Congratulations to Misty Copeland!! Just Named First Black Principal Ballerina at American Ballet Theater! #Perched http://…
  • 06.30.15 j: i wanna go to death valley. you know, the place with the white sand j: *whispers* where they shoot all the porn me: ...different valleys
  • 06.28.15 RT @PigsAndPlans: "You are now watching the greatest living rockstar on the planet." - Kanye West at Glastonbury
  • 06.26.15 RT @HowToDressWell: So happy abt marriage equality 😍 now we talk abt transg teen suicide rates & also the cosmic meaning of human dignity y…
  • 06.26.15 RT @EmWatson: http://t.co/NumgCTI0s9
  • 06.26.15 RT @tylercoates: My mother just texted, "You have the right to marry anywhere in the US!" LIKE I DON'T KNOW A HINT WHEN I SEE ONE.
  • 06.22.15 RT @tavitulle: Own your privilege, do your homework, give credit where credit is due, and more from @jamiaw on being an ally: http://t.co/2…
  • 06.18.15 RT @sashageffen: anyway it is possible to give money directly to the affected community here: http://t.co/OgqxranQk2