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Luc Dumont

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Luc Dumont was born in 1969 in Montreal, Canada. After attending a David Wilkerson conference, Luc Dumont became a born-again Christian. Mentored by Reverend Claude Houde in Saint-Hubert, Canada, Luc Dumont wrote his first song in 1985 and performed at the music gathering Festival de Louange (Worship Festival) in 1987, which led to his first record deal.

After a degree in theology in an evangelical college, Luc wedded Marie-Josée, with whom he founded Ministère Eaux Vives records. The artist published two song books and recorded his first album before visiting France, where English translations are widespread in Christian worship.

Back in Canada, the songwriter teamed up with his friends Colin Généreux and Ken Mahoney (from Tables of Stone) to record his second and third albums and to go on tour across Francophone countries. After two other song books, a fourth and a fifth album, Luc Dumont produced Génération du Réveil with Colin Généreux, as an album gathering francophone Christian artists.

Having worked as youth pastor, youth director and conference speaker, Luc Dumont became a full-time music evangelist in 2001. Luc and Marie-Josée Dumont claim to have fostered through the Éditions Eaux Vives record company, young francophone Christian artists and the release of albums such as Coeur de Lévite or Emma et Simon.

The songs by Luc Dumont are labelled as worship, pop-rock or ballad and are sung in many francophone worship services across the world.

Albums released[edit]

Jamais plus je n'oublierai, 1991 Il te tent la main, 1995 Que Ta lumière brille, 1997 Vivre pour toi, 1998 Suivre, 2000 Liberté, 2002 LIVE à Nouvelle Vie, 2003 Solo, 2004 Plus Loin, 2005 Shine Upon Us, 2006 LIVE II, 2008 Solo 2, 2012

Books published[edit]

Messie de mon coeur, 1992 Un souffle nouveau, 1994 Jésus ma passion, 1996 Que Ta lumière brille, 1997