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Marissa Nadler

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  • Born: Washington D.C.
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://marissanadler.com/
  • Recent Activity: 09.29.16 RT @bwcarpenter: Had a great conversation with @marissanadler last week on her new record. She brought in some great vinyl too! https://t.c…
  • Marissa Nadler


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American singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler blends the traditions of folk, Americana, and dream pop into a musical atmosphere all her own. Raised in a small town in Massachusetts, Nadler took to painting first, a passion she continues to indulge, but a love for music drove her to become a proficient guitarist and songwriter. Nadler's compositions sound otherworldly, even timeless. She has released five full-length albums, including Ballads of Living and Dying (2004, Eclipse), The Saga of Mayflower May (2005, Eclipse), Songs III: Bird on the Water (2007, Peacefrog, Kemado), Little Hells (2009, Kemado), and Marissa Nadler (2011, Box of Cedar Records). She has garnered worldwide acclaim for her songwriting and performing. In 2010, she threw fans a curve ball by appearing as the vocal choir on Portal of Sorrow, the eighth and final album from California's Xasthur, Malefic's (aka Scott Conner) one-man black metal band. Unfortunately for her, the year also signaled temporary misfortune: she was dropped by Kemado/Mexican Summer (Mexican Summer is a vinyl imprint named for a Nadler song). Undaunted, she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her next recording. In the early spring of 2011, Nadler released "Baby I Will Leave You in the Morning," the first single and video from her fan-funded, self-titled album that was released in June on her own label, Box of Cedar Records. Nadler released a follow-up to her critically lauded eponymous album, entitled The Sister, in the spring of 2012. Signing with Sacred Bones (distributed by Bella Union), Nadler released the album July in February of 2014.

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Date Venue Location Tickets
10.04.16 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH US
10.05.16 Off Broadway Saint Louis, MO US
10.06.16 Recordbar Kansas City, MO US
10.10.16 The Bartlett Spokane, WA US
10.19.16 The Wayfarer Costa Mesa, CA US
10.20.16 The Cellar Door Visalia, CA US
11.10.16 Queen Elizabeth Theatre Toronto, ON Canada

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Interview: Marissa Nadler

By Paula Mejia, Contributor

Marissa Nadler has been quietly carving out a niche at the curious intersection of folk, black metal and Americana for the past decade. While her vocals are celestial, her doomy songs typically focus on earthier truths, concentrating on humanity's impulses, desires and nightmares. They exist at the place where fiction and reality merge. Her richly toned albums unfold the same way memorable books do: the more you revisit these songs, the more complexities emerge. After self-releasing… more »


Marissa Nadler on Wordless Singing, Her Mysterious Persona, and Crowdsourcing As Therapy

By Rachael Maddux, Contributor

Marissa Nadler often seems like a woman out of time. She's barely 30 years old and has only been releasing records since 2004, but between the shadowy themes of her lyrics, her darkly-syncopated acoustic guitar and her curling mezzo-soprano, it can be tough to suss out whether she's haunted by the specters of a long-passed world or if she's doing the haunting herself. Except that ghosts, of course, can't be dropped from their record labels. Nor… more »


  • 09.29.16 RT @bwcarpenter: Had a great conversation with @marissanadler last week on her new record. She brought in some great vinyl too! https://t.c…
  • 09.29.16 Cleveland!! This is next week xx https://t.co/mWInF11xzz
  • 09.28.16 RT @pitchfork: Watch: @marissanadler​ performs "Dissolve" in a goosebump-inducing session. For full video: https://t.co/eWAHpMoTy2 https:/…
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  • 09.28.16 RT @SacredBones: ICYMI yesterday there's an amazing @marissanadler performance of "Dissolve" up now on @pitchfork TV. Watch: https://t.co/o…
  • 09.27.16 RT @pitchfork: Watch a ghostly set from @marissanadler https://t.co/lYpYmAM4YU
  • 09.27.16 RT @JahHills: "You're a racist" "I opened a club in Palm Beach, so no" #debatenight
  • 09.27.16 RT @SacredBones: Watch @marissanadler perform a beautiful rendition of "Dissolve" (with her own animation!) for @pitchforktv: https://t.co/…
  • 09.27.16 Watch this live music video of "Dissolve" from Strangers https://t.co/0uIg9Ga0v2 via @pitchfork
  • 09.26.16 RT @DrownedinSound: There's a new @MarissaNadler EP out on @bellaunion and predictably she's our editor's track of the week. Listen: https:…
  • 09.26.16 It was very wild to meet @TanyaDonelly tonight. Belly, throwing muses, the breeders! ✨✨ -and… https://t.co/KzQJcAUhuy
  • 09.25.16 Brighton Music Hall tonight as part of the Concert Across America to End Handgun Violence https://t.co/aw4NxnxULJ (… https://t.co/D3mDIsMx4o