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Muck Sticky

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  • Years Active: 2000s


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A crazy mix of Sublime, Carrot Top, Kottonmouth Kings, Cheech & Chong, crunk music, and jam band style, Memphis rapper Muck Sticky aims to spread peace, love, and fun across the world, armed with a mike in one hand and his beloved bong in the other. His great-grandfather was in a gospel bluegrass quartet while his grandfather played piano for Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Charley Pride. Coming from a long line of musicians, it was no surprise the young Muck Sticky took an interest in music, beginning with classical violin lessons at the age of 10. He kept with the violin until high school drama classes and a heavy metal cover band swayed him towards comedy rock and on to comedy rap. In 2001 he quit the metal band and began recording demos. A gig as a tour merchandise representative took him on the road with hometown heroes Saliva beginning in 2003 but Muck kept recording. By taking his four-track into hotel rooms, he was able to record and release the Nifty Mervous Thrifty album in 2004 plus the Sticky Muck album in 2005, both on his own Stay Lifted label. He took a break from the road in 2006 and released Muck Sticky Wants You. A year later he released Bobolink Cove, guest starred on Lord T & Eloise's album Aristocrunk, and signed a distribution deal with the Select-O-Hits company. Because of this partnership, his party minded Muck Sticky Is My Friend became his first widely distributed album when it was released in 2008.


Muck Sticky (born Justin Osburn; 1977) is an American musician, songwriter, actor and artist. Muck Sticky has self-released fourteen albums since 2004, and was featured on the MTV series, $5 Cover.


Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Muck Sticky comes from a long line of musicians. His great-grandparents founded one of the first gospel bluegrass quartets in 1929 known as The Wayfaring Strangers, and both of his grandfathers were well known musicians. One was Gene Lowery of The Dixie Four who often recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis, and sang backing vocals for artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich.

Between the ages of 16-23, Muck was employed in many different fields including carpentry, restaurant service, bricklaying, water park lifeguard, and ice cream truck driver. In the year 2000, with the money he earned from his manual laborer job at a local convention service company, he bought an 8-track recorder and began creating his first album. In January of 2001, he gave his first live performance at a “Battle of the Bands” concert in his hometown Memphis, TN. Since Muck recorded all of his music alone, he decided to attach wigs, hats, sunglasses, and instruments to 6-foot tall floor lamps and call them his “band”. To this day he frequently brings them on stage during his shows, but the show has grown to include his mother, sister, best friends, and his fans.

Sticky was featured on the MTV series $5 Cover, which centers around the careers of singers from the Memphis, TN area. The show is produced by Craig Brewer, director and writer of the 2005 movie, Hustle & Flow.

A review described Sticky as an artist who "comes across as a backwoods midpoint between Beck and Mungo Jerry...somewhere between Slim Shady and Weird Al."


2000 -Begins recording goofy rap cover songs on karaoke machines with his friends and passing out tapes at local Memphis malls -With help from his mother, along with earnings from his various manual labor jobs, he buys a digital 4 track recorder -Quits day job and focuses solely on improving his music and art

2001 -Begins recording songs and distributing demo disks in the Memphis, TN area -Plays first live show solo (Battle of The Bands) and wins 2nd place -Quickly develops enormous local fan base by playing frequent shows at the New Daisy Theater in Memphis, TN

2002 -Best friend and musical inspiration D.R.C. passes away, driving Muck to work harder at music -Begins wearing pajama pants as normal attire symbolizing a public protest of conformity -Takes job touring with rock band Saliva as a roadie, occasionally performing as an opening act

2003 -Reaches milestone of distributing first 1,000 copies of demo CD “Ticklin Your Noggin” -Performs for largest hometown crowd of 7k opening for Saliva at Mud Island -Song “Homie” receives spins on radio for the first time in Memphis

2004 -Joins Myspace and quickly rises to top 20 national artist in comedy music -Self releases first album “The Nifty Mervous Thrifty” -Reaches #1 on High Times “Pot 40” list for 6 consecutive months

2005 -Self releases second album “The Sticky Muck” -Begins receiving national radio spins on numerous stations -Reaches 1 million plays on MySpace -Appears on Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (remote interview w/Dave Chappelle)

2006 -Self releases third album “Muck Sticky Wants You” -Releases music video for “Thingy Thing” and it goes viral -Releases “One Day at a Time” music video -Hits 50k friends and 3 million plays on MySpace -Performs at the 19th annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam

2007 -Self releases fourth album “Bobolink Cove” produced by Scott Bomar (Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan, Footloose) -Begins touring nationally building fan base -Receives airplay on the Dr. Demento Show and the Red Peters Show (Howard Stern 101) -Wins “Best Comedy Song” at AMMA Awards -Performs at the 20th annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam -Reaches 4 million plays on MySpace

2008 -Self releases fifth album “Muck Sticky Is My Friend” -Performs for largest hometown crowd of 10k at Beale Street Music Fest -Nominated as “Best Solo Artist” by Memphis Flyer’s “Best of Memphis” -Six songs featured on MTV’s “Adventures in Hollyhood” based on Memphis rap group 3 6 Mafia.

2009 -Stars in the MTV series “$5 Cover” based on the Memphis music scene, directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan, Footloose) -Returns to the Beale Street Music Fest to perform for largest hometown crowd of 12k -Song “The Icky Muck” featured on MTV’s “The Hills” -Music videos for “The Icky Muck” & “This N That” put into rotation on MTV

2010 -Walks red carpet of Grammy Awards and is featured in Star, Life, Time, TMZ, E! Fashion Police, and more -Self releases sixth and seventh albums “Best Of 5” and “For The Kids” -Self releases eighth album “Hangin' With My Bud" -Tours nationally continuing to build fan base -Self releases ninth album “The Amazing Discovery”

2011 -Works with Paul Crosby (Saliva) to produce tenth album “Get This!” -Returns to touring nationally and building fan base -Reaches 5k subscribers and 3 million views on YouTube channel -Reaches 15k Facebook Fans

2012 -Self releases eleventh album “Hullabaloo” -Reaches 12 million total song/video plays online -Releases 16 music videos in an 11-month period

2013 -Reaches 17k Facebook Fans -Reaches 9k subscribers and 4 million views on YouTube.com/MuckstickyTV channel -Twelfth album “Schnickelfritz” self released on 3/13/13 -Reaches 13 million total song/video plays online -Self releases thirteenth album “Fantasterrific” on 11/12/13

2014 -Releases 40th music video and reaches 15 million total plays online -#MUCKSTICKYISMYFRIEND Meme goes viral, generating thousand of fan pictures and art -Climbed from 20k to 80k Facebook Fans between February-October -Fourteenth album "The Brain Named Itself" debuts at #64 on iTunes Hip Hop Charts -Celebrates 4,500 consecutive days of wearing pajama pants as his normal attire on 10/27/14

2015 -Signs management deal with Guns N' Roses former manager Doug Goldstein

-Sets release date for fifteenth album "Dang!" (5/15/15)

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