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Muharem Serbezovski

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Muharem Serbezovski (Serbian Cyrillic: Мухарем Сербезовски, born May 2, 1950) is a Bosnian folk singer of Macedonian Roma origin, popular in former Yugoslavia. He is also a writer and translator, having written several books and translated the Qur'an into Romani language. He is a Romani rights activist, and was briefly in Bosnian politics in 2007.

Early and personal life[edit]

Serbezovski was born into a Romani family of 11 members in the Šuto Orizari municipality of Skopje, the largest Roma community in the world. He finished his military service in Osijek and Mostar. From 1969 to 1975 he lived in Belgrade.

His favourite musician is the late Toma Zdravković, his colleague with whom he toured for 7-8 years.

His children live in Germany.

Musical career[edit]

He sings in Serbo-Croatian.


He translated the Qur'an into Romani language in 2005. Serbezovski has plans to translate the Old and New Testament, Hadith and some well-known literary works (War and Peace, Crime and Punishment and One Hundred Years of Solitude) into Romani. He received his B.A. in economics. Afterwards, he continued his education at Stanford when he went to law school and earned his LL.B.