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Date Venue Location Tickets
02.26.17 The Chapel San Francisco, CA US
03.02.17 Beat Kitchen Chicago, IL US
03.05.17 Ace of Cups Columbus, OH US
04.06.17 The Loft Lansing, MI US


  • 02.20.17 RT @Souvenirsca: SET TIMES FULLERTON OC WHATS GOOD https://t.co/PaqWHF4xYS
  • 02.20.17 RT @RisingNix18: Here goes Nothing @BandofNOTHING ba dum tss
  • 02.20.17 Miss u https://t.co/yZKcnAmSMs
  • 02.20.17 RT @wrecklawww: @BandofNOTHING 🔥🔥🔥 set, bent nail outro live will forever have me https://t.co/84NZFGDo7t
  • 02.20.17 RT @timwhite74: @BandofNOTHING shirt shit shirt https://t.co/XpXArM5cmw
  • 02.20.17 RT @RoseSxSwanS: Thank U @Souvenirsca @BandofNOTHING @TranquilMammoth @jadepuget @AdamCarsonAFI @DaveyHavok Vegas was fucking fantastic! My…
  • 02.20.17 Can't wait https://t.co/JZBzHxB4vk
  • 02.20.17 RT @deezycheezy: excited to wake up in a couple of hours get rekt and see @BandofNOTHING 🤘
  • 02.20.17 Lol https://t.co/zjX07Xb9RF
  • 02.20.17 RT @Souvenirsca: Tonight we are back in California in Fullerton with our boys @BandofNOTHING for a FREE SHOW. COME EARLY. https://t.co/HKmm…
  • 02.20.17 What I'm here for https://t.co/jwbYi7rIeF
  • 02.20.17 RT @dwadepanizzoli: When the KFC employee says your hat describes the story of his life. @BandofNOTHING https://t.co/64eqCoAjGI