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  • Formed: Chicago, IL
  • Years Active: 1980s, 1990s


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Formed out of the love for playing AC/DC and Kiss covers, Oblivion got their start in 1988 through gigging at "lame metal clubs" throughout the greater Chicago area. Developing a knack for having an audience hate them in the early days, Scott (guitar/vocals), Pete (bass/vocals), and Brian (drums) were merely fueled by the heckles and booing. This led them to further instigate a crowd by playing Revolting Cocks and Ministry covers while dressed up in drag. After releasing two demo tapes and having their drummer fill in for the Bollwevils, Oblivion's sound started to gear more toward pop-punk thanks to the added influence of Chicago punk headliners Screeching Weasel and Sludgeworth. After this musical shift, another demo entitled Think Tightrope Boobjob was soon released, followed by the EPs Product and Full Blown Grover. A local following soon developed following these releases, eventually resulting in their 1994 debut full-length, Stop Thief, on Johanns Face Records. After a brief tour and releasing their 1995 follow-up, Shoot Me a Waco, the guys in Oblivion felt a love for the rock & roll lifestyle so strongly that they all quit their jobs to focus primarily on rocking out. After releasing a whole slew of compilation tracks and split EPs from the likes of God's Reflex, Humble Beginnings, No Empathy, and Apocalypse Hoboken, Super Saver Series was released in 1997 on PBS Records -- not entirely a new record, but rather a re-release of their first two records conveniently on one CD. Another compilation of their EPs and unreleased tracks saw the light of day the following year, Suckers from the Start. With all this material and experience under their belt, the recognition was soon directed toward California's Dr. Strange Records, which released a split album with Man Dingo in early 1999.


Oblivion may refer to:


Limia River, which Livy identifies as "the Oblivion"


Oblivion, a novel by Peter AbrahamsOblivion, a 2012 book in The Power of Five series by Anthony HorowitzOblivion: Stories, a 2004 book by David Foster WallaceOblivion: The Mystery of West Point Cadet Richard Cox, a 1999 book by Harry Maihafer about Richard Colvin CoxOblivion (Stone novel), a Dr Who book

Fictional characters[edit]

Oblivion (comics), a Marvel Comics characterOblivion, the alias used by Nick Aldis in the Gladiators UK TV series


Oblivion (1994 film), a western/science fiction film from Full Moon EntertainmentOblivion (2013 film), a science fiction film starring Tom Cruise


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a 2006 video game


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Oblivion (band), a former Chicago-area punk rock bandOblivion (metal band), an American technical death metal band from the California Bay Area
Oblivion (Orphanage album)Oblivion (Utopia album)Oblivion, a 1991 album by D-RokConsign to Oblivion, by gothic Dutch band Epica
"Oblivion" (Grimes song)"Oblivion" (Hastang song)"Oblivion" (M83 song)"Oblivion" (Mastodon song)"Oblivion" (Bastille song)"Oblivion", a song on the 30 Seconds to Mars album by 30 Seconds to Mars"Oblivion", a song by Lacuna Coil from the 2009 album Shallow Life"Oblivion", a song by Mors Principium Est from the 2003 album Inhumanity"Oblivion", a song by Mudhoney from the 1998 album Tomorrow Hit Today"Oblivion", an Argentine tango written by Ástor Piazzolla"Oblivion", a 2010 song by M. Pokora"Oblivion", a song by Suffocation"Oblivion", a 1994 song by Terrorvision"Oblivion", a 2007 song by Wintersleep"Oblivion", a song by Patrick Wolf from the 2009 album The Bachelor"Oblivion", a 2013 song by The Baptist Generals

Other uses[edit]

Oblivion (roller coaster), the world's first vertical drop roller coaster located at Alton Towers, EnglandEternal oblivion, believed by many atheists to be an eternally unconscious state that occurs after death