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  • Years Active: 2000s


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U.K.-based DJ Overseer made a name for himself with concoctions that married the pomposity of heavy metal riffing to the bombastic bottom end of big beat. He first emerged on wax with the independent EPs Zeptastic (1996) and Hit the Tarmac (1998); Columbia Records took notice and signed him in late 1998. It wasn't long before his action-packed grooves were making their way into film and television productions (Any Given Sunday, Alias) and extreme-themed video games. The Everything Louder Than Everything Else EP appeared in 2000, after which nothing was heard from Overseer until 2002-2003, which proved to be a quite a fruitful period. Overseer scored the trailer for Matrix: Reloaded, and was included on the soundtrack to the extreme ski and board film The Prophecy. He wrote all the music for Animatrix, the animated companion to the hit film series, and also saw his music appear in a high-profile Mitsubishi ad campaign. Overseer also issued his first full-length LP, Wreckage.


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In professions[edit]

A supervisor or superintendent; one who keeps watch over and directs the work of others, often in the context of forced labor or slaveryIn law, a person appointed by the testator to supervise or assist the executor(s) of a will (mostly obsolete)Overseer of the Poor, an official who administered relief for poor peopleprovveditore, gubernatoral title in the Republic of Venice

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In media and entertainment[edit]

Tex Murphy: Overseer, an adventure game by Access Software

In people[edit]

Rob Overseer, an English musician

In politics[edit]

Overseers of Justice and Chronicles, a Zambian political party