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  • Years Active: 1990s, 2000s


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Paik formed in 1996 when guitarist Rob Smith, bassist Ali Clegg, and drummer Ryan Pritts began to collaborate in Michigan's burgeoning space rock music scene. The trio released their debut, Hugo Strange, in 1998 on Beyonder Records. In 1999, the Spacer EP was released, again on Beyonder. In 2001, Paik released Corridors, their most ambitious record to date. The band contributed tracks to two compilations, including Noise Factory Records' Beautiful Noise...the Apocalypse in 1999 and Datacarbon Records' Across Woodward, Vol. 1 in 2001. By this point, their live shows were nearly legendary, including smoke, mirrors, light shows, and films to add to the music's complex and surreal qualities. By 2002, the band had received critical acclaim worldwide for their spaced-out brand of instrumental rock, and in 2002 released The Orson Fader on Clairecords. Two years later, after a move to Strange Attractors, Paik issued their fourth album, Satin Black, which was followed by 2006's Monster of the Absolute.


"PAIK" redirects here. For the airport with ICAO code PAIK, see Bob Baker Memorial Airport.This article is about the band. For the Korean family name, see Baek. For the video artist, see Nam June Paik.

Paik is a post-rock/space rock outfit originally from Toledo, United States, currently living in Detroit, Michigan, United States, that includes Rob Smith and Ryan Pritts. Bassist Ali Clegg left the band in 2005, and has since been replaced by San Francisco native Anthony Petrovic (E-Zee-Tiger). Ali Clegg currently has a self-titled project, La Contessa, and another band The Spanish Castles. Terms used when describing Paik's music includes post-rock, shoegaze, and space rock.


Formed in 1997, the band is erroneously thought to be named after veteran Korean artist Nam June Paik, but is actually named after an old-fashioned term for a swift punch to the gut. The band has toured in support of indie rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as well as Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. They have shared stages with Windy & Carl.

Rob Smith primarily plays a Fender Jaguar as the lead instrument, which is largely responsible for the band's sound. Drummer Ryan Pritts's incorporation of a timpani in his drum set since Paik's third album, 2002's The Orson Fader, also contributes to the band's sound.