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Papas Fritas

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  • Formed: Boston, MA
  • Years Active: 1990s, 2000s


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Formed in 1992, pop combo Papas Fritas began as a power trio when two high-school friends from Delaware, guitarist Tony Goddess and drummer Shivika Asthana, met up with bassist Keith Gendel while attending Tufts University in Massachusetts. The three recorded and released four-track albums for fun and performed at parties on and around campus, but never took the group seriously until a tape fell onto the desk of small record label Sunday Driver Records and the label approached Papas Fritas with plans to release a 7" of the group's work. The band consented and released Friday Night with the label in February of 1994. For the first time in their history, the members of Papas Fritas promoted their music and found more interest in their work from another small indie, though notably larger than Sunday Driver, Minty Fresh. Through Minty Fresh, Papas Fritas found a home to allow some growth. They tossed aside the four-track, built a more functional studio in their basement, and recorded their first effort for Minty Fresh, another 7" titled Passion Play/Lame to Be, in 1995. Both songs on the single served as the cornerstones to their first full-length, Papas Fritas, released later that same year.

The group set out on tour for a great deal of 1995 and part of 1996, including a European jaunt with the Flaming Lips, but still found time to record their second full-length, Helioself, which saw release in 1997. Papas Fritas continued to gather steam, touring even more throughout 1997 with the likes of the Cardigans (while that group was enjoying major chart success), the Eels, Blur, and others. They fell somewhat quiet during 1998 and 1999, touring little, but commenced work on their third album, Buildings and Grounds, and released it in 2000 to favorable reviews. Another massive tour followed, but just before they hit the road, the trio decided to add two members, keyboardist Donna Coppola and guitarist Chris Colthart (both members of the Faraway Places), to their lineup. Again Papas Fritas went quiet until Pop Has Freed Us, a compilation bearing nine unreleased tracks alongside four videos and eight tracks collected from their catalog, was released in 2003.


This article is about the American band. For the food, see French fries.

Papas Fritas (typically stylized as pApAs fritAs) is an American indie-rock band that formed in 1992 and released three studio albums before quietly breaking up in 2000. The band's name is Spanish for "French fries" but is also a pun on the phrase "Pop has freed us," which they used as both the name of their music publishing company and their 2003 career retrospective. (In 2006 a German band also named Papas Fritas released a single called "Stehpisser," which is erroneously listed as part of the American band's discography in several online music stores.)

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Tony Goddess (guitar, vocals) and Shivika Asthana (drums, vocals) met in high school in Delaware before enrolling in Tufts University in Somerville, Massachusetts, where they met classmate Keith Gendel (bass, vocals). At first the band performed just for fun in and around the Tufts campus—their recording aspirations were limited to the self-distributed cassette-only releases "Careers for Culture Lovers" and "Retards/Cowboys"—but by '94 they'd recorded a proper seven-inch single for Sunday Driver Records (Friday Night) and agreed to promote it with a US tour. The song "Smash This World" received some radio play on college stations, prompting Chicago-based Minty Fresh to sign Papas Fritas, and in October 1995 they released their self-titled debut album.

The band spent the rest of the year and most of '96 touring Europe and the United States with the Flaming Lips and the Cardigans, respectively. They released their second album, Helioself, in April 1997, kicking off another tour of home and abroad with the Cardigans once again, as well as Blur and Eels. (Matt O'Keefe, a roadie for Papas Fritas during their tours with the Cardigans and Blur in '97, wrote a novel titled You Think You Hear, published in 2001, that is "LOOSELY based on our experiences on the road," according to the band's website. "If you decide to read it, remember that in reality, Papas Fritas are mentally stable and considerate individuals.") Donna Coppola (keyboards, percussion) and Chris Colthart (guitar) of the Solar Saturday (later the Faraway Places) joined Papas Fritas's touring lineup in the summer of '99 and helped promote the band's third LP, Buildings and Grounds, which hit stores in March 2000.

After the tour ended, Asthana and Gendel went back to school, the former earning a master's degree in public health from Boston University in 2002, while the latter moved to Los Angeles to study at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Goddess stuck with music, cowriting “Amsterdam” in 2003 for Guster, fellow alumni of Tufts University; working with Bleu on two tracks for the Boston power-pop singer's Electric Light Orchestra pastiche, Alpacas Orgling (2006); contributing a song to the Nickelodeon series Yo Gabba Gabba!; and producing and/or playing in the Rudds, the Silver Lining, Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents, and other Boston bands.

In May 2011 Asthana, Goddess, and Gendel reunited for festival appearances in Belgium, France, and Spain (with Samantha Wood Goddess, Tony's wife and Shivika's college roommate, on keyboards), plus two gigs in the Boston area. Four months later they taped a segment for Nick Jr.'s Yo Gabba Gabba!; the resulting episode aired on December 7, 2013, and featured the band performing a song called "Home."

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