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Phillip Phillips

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  • Phillip Phillips

  • Phillip Phillips

  • Phillip Phillips

  • Phillip Phillips


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  • 07.07.15 Check out my buddy @brunsmusic new single! So awesome! Buzzards - Single by Bruns https://t.co/ys9PpN1CvW http://t.co/XXfJBJlUWM
  • 07.07.15 I can't stop watching golf videos.
  • 07.06.15 Things you do when you're bored. https://t.co/C0MZQgXaOJ
  • 07.06.15 Buying CDs or vinyls are awesome. Love holding an album in my hand.
  • 07.06.15 USA!!!
  • 07.04.15 Boat broke down but we got it back! Happy 4th! http://t.co/xnPlaIUO3Q
  • 07.04.15 Good day golfing with these fellas. #fore http://t.co/BjhyMRt6Db
  • 07.03.15 RT @hayleexpeyton: if you haven't seen @Phillips live- you haven't lived. one year ago today I experienced the very best! http://t.co/qD4JJ…
  • 07.03.15 Every time right before I run I get pumped up. Then the first few seconds of running I hate myself for thinking about running.
  • 07.03.15 RT @LindsayHultqui1: Buy @Phillips album behind the light. Best songs ever. His songs make me so happy http://t.co/2thoPa1fij
  • 07.03.15 When I look at some peoples selfies, I wonder how they actually look while taking the selfie. Arms stretched out and all awkward.
  • 07.02.15 Boom boom pow