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Psychic Ills

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  • Formed: New York, NY
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://www.psychicills.com/
  • Recent Activity: 07.03.15 RT @GonzoVice: Ah … madness, madness … where will it end?
  • Psychic Ills


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All Music Guide:

Hypnotic, elusive New York City experimental rock band Psychic Ills were formed in 2003 by Tom Gluibizzi (guitar/keyboards) and Tres Warren (vocals). The band issued two limited-run vinyl recordings (Mental Violence I in 2004 and Mental Violence II in 2005), both of which were reissued together as Early Violence with two additional songs through Social Registry. Following Mental Violence I, the duo was joined by Elizabeth Hart (bass) and Brian Tamborello (drums). Psychic Ills, who have opened for the equally psychedelic Warlocks, released their first proper full-length, Dins, in February 2006. The largely improvised Mirror Eye arrived in 2009. For 2011's Hazed Dream, the band moved to Sacred Bones and opted for a more streamlined, accessible approach. 2013's One Track Mind continued on into even more accessible territory, with production and guest vocals from Royal Trux's Neil Michael Haggerty.


  • 07.03.15 RT @GonzoVice: Ah … madness, madness … where will it end?
  • 06.28.15 RT @Deivid_Sandersn: 🚬💨 #TGIF #PsychicIlls ♫ "4Am" by Psychic Ills https://t.co/9vOEhjeATR
  • 06.28.15 RT @soitgoesmag: We talk to NYC psych-rock musicians @psychicills about how it all got started and what's next. http://t.co/dbwcuw9DnW http…
  • 06.23.15 RT @antonnewcombe: this comp includes tracks by: Morgan Delt,White Fence,Damaged Bug,Psychic Ills,Hills and prayer meeting https://t.co/eum…
  • 06.19.15 RT @gwhiz138_: someone come here cuddle and listen to psychic ills-one more time w me
  • 06.15.15 RT @chloe_mcgregor: listening to psychic ills while watching everybody loves raymond on mute, what a trip
  • 06.15.15 RT @hitonyamn: @psychicills thank you, good music🌟
  • 06.15.15 RT @Jake_Photo: @psychicills (also will you have any plans for a UK/London show)
  • 06.15.15 RT @Jake_Photo: @psychicills slow roasting the sounds that traverse my mind.
  • 06.14.15 RT @Jake_Photo: @psychicills can we get a new album soon plzplzplz?
  • 06.09.15 RT @AlanWattsDaily: We are not in a hurry.
  • 05.12.15 RT @RevoltoftheApes: Dude, I'll need about Twelve more Psychic Ills albums Within my lifetime