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  • Formed: Sydney, Australia
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://pvtpvt.net
  • Recent Activity: 07.27.16 Homeless man rubber ducky. It says "got some change?" in German. Stay classy Europe. https://t.co/59MXMA2WX4
  • PVT


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All Music Guide:

Dark experimental instrumental post-rock band Pivot were formed in 1999 by brothers Laurenz Pike (drums, percussion) and Richard Pike (guitar, production), but soon ballooned to a five-piece band with the additions of Adrian Klumpes (keyboard), Neal Sutherland (bass), and Dave Bowman (turntables). It may be de rigueur to compare instrumental music to film soundtracks, but partly inspired by Vangelis, that was exactly the sound Pivot were aiming for. They shut themselves away for two years of regular three-hour rehearsal sessions, and the improvised demos they recorded during this time were packaged as EPs, which managed to capture air time on the radio. Their first album took roughly three years from the start of recording to its release, partly due to the band's perfectionism, but presumably also because of the number of side projects they were participating in. Both Pike brothers played with Flanger, and Laurenz Pike must have been particularly busy, at times being a member of Triosk along with Adrian Klumpes, as well as being involved with two of Scott Herren's projects, Prefuse 73 and Savath & Savalas, and also forming Roam the Hello Clouds with laptop musician Dave Miller. In 2005, Miller was invited to join the band, which then became a three-piece consisting of just Miller and the Pike brothers. The album Make Me Love You was finally released that year. Their second (and less delayed) album, O Soundtrack My Heart, was recorded in Chicago and mixed by John McEntire of Tortoise; the band signed to Warp in 2008 to earn it an international release. By the time the group's album Church with No Magic arrived in 2010, Pivot dropped the vowels to become PVT.


  • 07.27.16 Homeless man rubber ducky. It says "got some change?" in German. Stay classy Europe. https://t.co/59MXMA2WX4
  • 07.23.16 T
  • 07.23.16 V
  • 07.23.16 P
  • 07.22.16 I just watched that James Corden Michelle Obama thing and the world is going to heck in a shopping trolley
  • 07.20.16 Rick trashing a hotel room, Brussels 2008. Photo: @mcleanphotos https://t.co/PpHi3wSWYJ
  • 07.19.16 You get 7 years bad luck if you tell a musician that doing something is 'good exposure'. 21 years if it's for a brand.
  • 07.17.16 #RIPAlanVega https://t.co/48Kx7UiuSt Dream baby dream
  • 07.15.16 Pokemon Go Fuck Yerself
  • 07.14.16 RT @BOTWevents: Tix for @lukeabbottmusic / @pvtpvt / @porticomusic collab project Szun Waves at @WaitingRoomN16 this Aug on sale! >> https:…
  • 07.13.16 To keep my Twitter topical and socially relevant I would just like to take this opportunity to say the word Pokemon.
  • 07.08.16 Rick n Dave, post gig at a @warprecords showcase at @sxsw circa 2009? #tbt #moodygrams Photo:… https://t.co/634GC4jJSa