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Flying Saucers Rock & Roll

By Lenny Kaye, Contributor

Of all rock's family tendrils, rockabilly is the one that keeps re-boppin', sporting a revival every decade or so, its coming-of-age kicks allowing each new offspring to roll its own. Guitar-heavy, emphasizing Wild Ones rebellion ("whaddya got?") and sonic dazzle (heavy on the reverb and chest vibrato), it raves and paves garage-punk (The Seeds to Damned), shockabilly (The Cramps and Chadbourne), new-wave (Stray Cats and Dire Straits), waggle-wobble (Jon Spencer and Boss Hog), Nirvana and… more »


  • 03.17.17 After #GilmoreGirls wrapped, I worked on #AmyShermanPalladino's new pilot, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Watch here! https://t.co/KebGNYlVmL
  • 12.23.16 I spoke with @ImposeMagazine about #GilmoreGirlsRevival and my mini-album "Human Contact Is Never Easy". https://t.co/RMOr2fPxdF
  • 12.15.16 Congrats @gaby_moreno on your Grammy nom, too!! https://t.co/XVW90zf5HT
  • 12.13.16 In which I spoke with @bequietmichael from @Bandcampabout my new mini-album, #GilmoreGirls la la’s and more. https://t.co/J80eItRhFT
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  • 12.05.16 RT @Songfacts: .@Sam__Phillips on writing the music for #GilmoreGirls and what she thinks about what happened to Rory. https://t.co/sjAI6WL…
  • 11.29.16 Thanks for playing a song from my new mini-album @NPRROBIN and @allsongs !! https://t.co/otUbOgY8fM
  • 11.27.16 That night Amy invited me to Stars Hollow for the filming of the “Reflecting Light” scene in #gilmoregirlsrevival. https://t.co/5KKGxpkAGo
  • 11.26.16 C’mon, sing along with me. You know the words! #GilmoreGirls #gilmoregirlsrevival https://t.co/0rayejm0pf
  • 11.25.16 Wow, thanks Jeffrey! https://t.co/MKlmabGxaf
  • 11.25.16 RT @emmamacdonald3: If the last four words of Gilmore girls are la la la laaaa. Someone's head is gonna roll. #gilmoregirlsrevival #lastfou…
  • 11.24.16 It's a @GilmoreGirls moment on #Amazon today with @Carole_King My new EP, Human Contact Is Never Easy, out now.… https://t.co/Oq3hBar1Rz