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Samantha Crain

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  • Born: Shawnee, OK
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://samanthacrain.com/
  • Recent Activity: 04.15.14 my musical family over at Ramseur Records @RamseurRecords @DolphusRamseur just put up a new website! looks awesome! http://t.co/eCBwHzVslE
  • Samantha Crain

  • Samantha Crain

  • Samantha Crain

  • Samantha Crain

  • Samantha Crain


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All Music Guide:

Samantha Crain was raised in rural Shawnee, OK, a town whose remote location influenced her quirky, earthy interpretation of folk music. Although inspired by the sounds of her father's music collection, including Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead, an adolescent Crain took even greater solace in the music of her home state, from the rootsy Americana of Woody Guthrie to the sonic experiments of the Flaming Lips. She later enrolled at Oklahoma Baptist University, where she spent several semesters working toward a degree in English literature before registering for a semester-long songwriting retreat. Located off-campus at Martha's Vineyard, the program allowed Crain to transform herself into a songwriter with a knack for narrative storytelling. She then returned home, where unpaid student loans convinced her to pursue a career in music instead. Ramseur Records took note of Crain's work schedule, which saw her crisscrossing the country with guitar in tow, and ultimately offered her a spot on the label. The Confiscation, a mature EP featuring harmonica, tambourine, lap steel guitar, and Crain's unembellished vocals, marked her Ramseur debut in 2007.


Samantha Crain (born August 15, 1986) is an American songwriter, musician, and singer from Shawnee, Oklahoma, signed with Ramseur Records (North America) and Full Time Hobby Records (UK/Europe).

Early life and education[edit]

Crain was born and raised in Shawnee, Oklahoma and is of Choctaw heritage. She attended Grove School in Shawnee and Dale High School in Dale, Oklahoma. Crain taught herself to play guitar and wrote songs based on her short stories the summer before her senior year at Dale High School. She attended Oklahoma Baptist University and at 19, signed up for an off-campus study program at the Martha's Vineyard-based Contemporary Music Center for which she received college credit for song writing, performing shows and learning about recording techniques.. On completion of the course she experienced problems with student loan payments and decided to start of her career in music.Cite error: There are <ref> tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{reflist}} template (see the help page).

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Date Venue Location Tickets
05.04.14 Woody Guthrie Center Noon Concerts Tulsa, OK US
07.24.14 Whelan's Dublin, D Ireland
07.29.14 The Lexington London, London UK
08.29.14 Larmer Tree Gardens Salisbury, Dor UK

eMusic Features


Interview: Samantha Crain

By Stephen M. Deusner, Contributor

Samantha Crain doesn't mess around in the studio. The Shawnee, Oklahoma, native recorded her previous album, 2010's breakout You (Understood), in just six days. For her latest, Kid Face, she spent a whopping seven days working with producer John Vanderslice at San Francisco's famed Tiny Telephone studio. That quick approach allows her to capture a particular moment — songs as journal entries, tied to specific dates and events — but it also means her songs… more »


36 Songs To Soothe the Pain

By Wondering Sound Staff, Contributor

Whether you're happily married or told Cupid to shove it a long time ago, we can all agree on one thing: to quote the one-and-only Nazareth, "Love hurts/ Love scars/ Love wounds/ And mars." Or something. That's why we went ahead and compiled a list of 36 Songs To Soothe the Pain, from the bloodletting confessionals of Neko Case, Bright Eyes and Sunny Day Real Estate to the melancholic melodies of Sigur Rós, the Shangri-Las… more »


Who Is…Samantha Crain

By Laura Leebove, Deputy Editor

Samantha Crain's sophomore LP was supposed to be an alt-country record in the same vein as Songs In The Night, her full-length debut with her band the Midnight Shivers. But after the Shivers split, the 23-year-old singer/songwriter — who only started playing music in her late teens — scrapped her new material and started from scratch. The result is You (Understood), a folk-rock album with more electric guitars and driving choruses in songs like "Holdin'… more »

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  • 04.15.14 my musical family over at Ramseur Records @RamseurRecords @DolphusRamseur just put up a new website! looks awesome! http://t.co/eCBwHzVslE
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