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  • 09.12.16 Mikey hart is at it again! Get em Mikey @EX_REYES https://t.co/YHW87fxvwx
  • 09.03.16 I would vote for a stick of celery over @realDonaldTrump so, no, Hillary doesn't seem so bad.
  • 08.25.16 Sometimes it seems like there is a secret competition in the pop world to see who can make the worst song a smash hit.
  • 08.24.16 RT @NormalTweetGuy: Man, it's a hot one!
  • 08.23.16 Music is good.
  • 08.16.16 Every art school should have to teach Bartending as a prerequisite
  • 08.16.16 What's your favorite food? Mine is tequila
  • 08.15.16 RT @HAIMtheband: On replay 😍 https://t.co/lfH1Kyytk1 @matsoR @HLeithauser
  • 08.05.16 I like green https://t.co/cTpqemHI7i
  • 08.02.16 RT @jennylsq: 'A text-dangle is like a dingleberry in your phone.' - @skatersnyc
  • 08.01.16 Which indie band are u?