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Spirit Kid

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  • Spirit Kid


  • 09.13.16 Happy 6th bday to this lil 45 rpm fun time! https://t.co/8PyycySUn1
  • 08.07.16 In the stude w @ellebellemusic #hammond #roland #juno6 #fenderrhodes #midfielectronics #whatev https://t.co/lpftiZhrNh
  • 06.21.16 RT @THE_VEERS: @spiritkidmusic & co getting it done!! #dtla #chinatown #bebopalula #la #music #newmusic… https://t.co/AmtWQGeLRr
  • 06.03.16 RT @IamDeanTate: Captain Forever Remix has LAUNCHED! Check out the launch trailer! https://t.co/1YtBkK413i https://t.co/fjSiRUpUuV https://…
  • 05.24.16 Playing a show soon but it's a friends wedding so it's private and you probably can't come!
  • 05.24.16 RT @SofaCity: Just found this awesome cover of an obscure ass Kinks song that I love. Thanks @spiritkidmusic! https://t.co/HvIAjaRa6c #kink…
  • 04.10.16 SuperEcho-ing on some new Spirit Kid jams. When will they be done tho??? Thanks @MysticSteamship… https://t.co/ikDGDuoQ4A
  • 03.07.16 RT @BostonMagazine: You’ve seen @spiritkidmusic’s Emeen Z in #vinylHBO. Now see his new 360-degree music video: https://t.co/gtdPISd3Ll htt…
  • 03.07.16 RT @Vanyaland617: Video Spotlight: Emeen Z and Bebopalula take a 360 degree spin around Southern California https://t.co/Fe7R0kC8sW https:/…
  • 03.04.16 Happy Friday!!! Photo by @creepyzero book by erikpaparazzi https://t.co/spoXEzwROv
  • 02.18.16 Bebopalula at Taix in Echo Park this Friday! Free! #bebopalula #echopark @ TAIX French Restaurant https://t.co/tIngbU9mwt
  • 02.16.16 If you blinked you might have missed my "acting" debut in the pilot of HBO's Vinyl. It was a… https://t.co/LyWtU2bIc7