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Spirits Burning

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Spirits Burning is a musical collective that has released a combination of ambient, jazz and full-on space rock with input from many of the genre's luminaries, most notably Gong's Daevid Allen and members of Hawkwind. Spirits Burning is overseen by American composer/producer Don Falcone.


In 1996, Falcone resurrected Spirits Burning. Spirits Burning was one of his first San Francisco bands, for which Falcone played bass and keyboards. Their first recording for a CD was a cover of the King Crimson song Red, on the tribute album “Schizoid Dimension,” released in 1997. Spirits Burning signed with French label Musea Records in 1998 and the group released their first album New Worlds By Design on Musea affiliate Gazul Records.

Falcone set Spirits Burning on their continuing mission just as the internet began to open up an index of collaborative possibilities that studio recordings and logistics previously precluded: the chance for content-creators to recruit musicians on an ad hoc basis across the ether; musicians they’d have scant hope of playing with face-to-face.

In the space rock community, Falcone has done particularly well out of this approach. A survey of his first 10 years under the Spirits Burning banner throws up some surprising contributors (including Daevid Allen, Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson, and High Tide’s Simon House).

Robert Calvert's Centigrade 232 tape recitation was first used with music on the second Spirits Burning album Reflections In A Radio Shower, released in 2001. Don Falcone took the original recording of Calvert reading his poem Centigrade 232 and integrated it into the track Drive-By Poetry. Lines from another Centigrade 232 poem appear on the CD's opening track Second Degree Soul Sparks.

Michael Moorcock appeared on five tracks on the Spirits Burning CD Alien Injection, released in 2008. He is credited with singing lead vocals and playing guitar and mandolin. The performances used on the CD were from the The Entropy Tango & Gloriana Demo Sessions.

Falcone and Bridget Wishart (formerly of Hawkwind) have collaborated in Spirits Burning (under the name Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart).

Falcone and Cyrille Verdeaux of Clearlight have collaborated in Spirits Burning (under the name Spirits Burning & Clearlight).

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Hawkwind Connection[edit]

The following is a partial list of Hawkwind family members who have participated in Spirits Burning:

Andy AndersonDave AndersonHarvey BainbridgeRobert Calvert (posthumously)Richard ChadwickAlan Davey (musician)Paul HaylesSimon HouseMichael MoorcockJerry RichardsAdrian "Ade" ShawSteve SwindellsDanny Thompson JrTwinkBridget Wishart