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Spoek Mathambo

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  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://www.spoekmathambo.com
  • Recent Activity: 10.26.16 RT @MANTEIGA__: New Music Video "FORÇA FORÇA" dropping tomorrow!!!!! 📽📽📽 Don't sleep!!! #batukmusic #mzansi #forçaforça ⏰📌🌶🌹💋 @SPOEK_MATHAM…
  • Spoek Mathambo

    Spoek Mathambo Band Photo
  • Spoek Mathambo

    Spoek Mathambo Band Photo


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All Music Guide:

Nthato Mogkgata was fronting the electro-rap acts Sweat.X and Playdoe and performing in the Afro-beat group Mshini Wam when his solo career as Spoek Mathambo started to take off. Released in 2010, Mshini Wam found the South African artist tying in lyrics about the political state of his homeland with beats that explored dubstep and African house. He connected with Diplo, who invited him to guest on Robyn's track "Dancehall Queen." Soon after, Sub Pop (who had just started transitioning their roster with rap by Shabazz Palaces) invited Spoek Mathambo to do an EP, which was released in 2011. The album Father Creeper followed in 2012, adding more guitars and other organic elements to Spoek's arsenal.

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  • 10.26.16 RT @MANTEIGA__: New Music Video "FORÇA FORÇA" dropping tomorrow!!!!! 📽📽📽 Don't sleep!!! #batukmusic #mzansi #forçaforça ⏰📌🌶🌹💋 @SPOEK_MATHAM…
  • 10.26.16 Tomorrow we drop that new @batuk_sa 🔥🎥⏰🎥🔥 https://t.co/siReljoSm4
  • 10.25.16 RT @PegasusWarning: Performing #PwEP2 live tonite at NO NAME on fairfax + @LOWENDTHEORY tomorrow. Who's coming? 🙌🏿 https://t.co/3qZXp1HxPh
  • 10.25.16 RT @mailandguardian: Wits #FeesMustFall leaders endorse the participation of homeless people in clashes with police in #Braamfontein https:…
  • 10.25.16 RT @Nkosikayikho: One of the 9 arrested in #Braamfontein last night had his night out with his gf cut short by a rubber bullet 2 his eyelid…
  • 10.25.16 RT @JacaNews: #Braamfontein A bus is on fire near civic centre. MV https://t.co/h5ftLxLs8D
  • 10.25.16 RT @Barry_Roux: There will be no peace until police go back to their stations & deal with real criminals. 783 charges. #FeesMustFall #Braam…
  • 10.25.16 RT @Barry_Roux: #Braamfontein is just a casualty of war between the government & students. When elephants fight, its the grass that suffers…
  • 10.25.16 RT @Its_Leera: No one is outraged when the shacks of poor people are destructed so why do we selectively care about property? #Braamfontein
  • 10.25.16 RT @Gontse_Gabbana: Viva Operation Makunyiwe Macala Viva! Strength to our forces in Braam and UCKAR #MakunyiweMacala #Braamfontein
  • 10.25.16 RT @lindyyt: #Braamfontein It's quiet interesting how burning cars are always all over the news but you never see any pictures of the polic…
  • 10.25.16 RT @ThatDudeBeeKay: Finishing touches to the burnt bus in #Braamfontein, near YW Junction. https://t.co/Kch1gLVRBT