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Such Gold

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  • Formed: Rochester, NY
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://www.suchgold.com
  • Recent Activity: 01.23.17 Smoke Weed, Buy Merch #Repost @zombreefer ・・・ 💀💀💀 #suchgold #girlsthatsmokeweed #canadianstoners #prettypotheads... https://t.co/fuPdsjasaU
  • Such Gold

  • Such Gold


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All Music Guide:

Built on a foundation of classic hardcore and a strong touring ethic, Rochester, New York-based Such Gold bring extra intensity and passion to the world of melodic hardcore. Ben Kotin, Nate Derby, Skylar Sarkis, and Devan Bentley came together with the simple goal of making the kind of music they had grown up loving, and to get it out to the people by the most tried and true method of all: getting in the van. The band adds a layer of melody to the old-school hardcore sound, keeping the speed while adding emotional depth that extends beyond simply being upset. After recording a pair of EPs and appearing on Alternative Press' 100 Bands You Need to Know in 2012, Such Gold got the attention of the Razor & Tie label, which signed them and released their full-length debut, Misadventures, in 2012. By the time Such Gold released their second album, The New Sidewalk, in 2014, the group had a new lineup; singer and guitarist Ben Kotin and guitarist Nate Derby were joined by new bandmates Jon Markson on bass and Matt Covey on drums.


  • 01.23.17 Smoke Weed, Buy Merch #Repost @zombreefer ・・・ 💀💀💀 #suchgold #girlsthatsmokeweed #canadianstoners #prettypotheads... https://t.co/fuPdsjasaU
  • 01.22.17 RT @XeonlivePhotos: Such Gold Release Lyric Video For “Gut Rot”... #birdattackrecords #gutrot #suchgold https://t.co/ChEwsapefM
  • 01.22.17 RT @brian2step: my favorite pop punk record got a slick remaster #suchgold https://t.co/I5paJRYSI3
  • 01.22.17 RT @ian_moir: #suchgold tockin' the house! https://t.co/gvZQVooFXM
  • 01.22.17 Check Ben's awesome cameo on "All Tied Up" by our German homies @TheDeadNotes. #emo feeels, khed. Why u gotta have… https://t.co/zmXGgdt0Go
  • 01.22.17 RT @rrjeu: feelin nostalgic #suchgold #poppunk - @CymbalFM https://t.co/6Ex4uZakve https://t.co/vbJUN1FlsF
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  • 01.22.17 RT @LukexSchwartz: I have three insane eyebrow hairs above my left eye and I honestly have no clue what to do about it? Do I use scissors?
  • 01.22.17 RT @MATTxPIKE: Driving around in the pouring rain with Nate listening to new Converge demos... Not a bad Sunday.